A Gorgeous Sign and Giveaway from Gifted Occasion

keane family signWe moved last year from the Jacksonville city suburbs to the coastal community of Atlantic Beach. We bought an older home that needed a lot of work, and we’ve put a lot into the renovations over the past year to where we are finally starting to decorate a bit. We completely changed our style, where our old house was bright reds and yellows – the new place is cool blues and grays. And of course we are going heavy on the coastal decor!

When GiftedOccasion.com contacted me about doing a review, I knew exactly what I wanted to look for. I am SO happy with the personalized wooden sign they sent me! It was the perfect addition to our living room. The letters are cut out of Baltic birch and mounted on maple plywood so they have a great 3-D effect. The wood comes stained and the hibiscus painted red. The stain on the wood is even more rich and pretty in person.

And they were nice enough to offer a giveaway so one lucky reader will can go shopping on their website with $100 gift card! See details below.


Here’s How to Enter the GiftedOccasion.com $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

  1. US entries only please
  2. Winner is picked randomly by contest app, more entries = better chances
  3. Opportunities to enter:
    1. Follow GiftedOccasion on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
    2. Pin a product from their website with the hashtag #giftedoccasion
    3. Follow SewGeekMama on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  4. Very Important: Comment on this post with where your entries can be found. This makes it easy to verify everything and counts as another entry!

Easy Easter Art Project – Painting Bunny Ears

I’m always looking for new ways to get my son interested in the crafty stuff, so when I got these simple white bunny ears from Birdy Boutique, I thought they’d be fun to paint! Of course the kids wouldn’t cooperate for the “before” photos, so us moms are modeling the ears. My friend Effie from Project Mom Strong and her son Alex joined us for a slightly messy and fun crafternoon.

easter bunny ears

They have a nice plain white flat surface on the inside, perfect for decorating and adding a little flair to your Easter style. You could also add embellishments, glitter, etc., but we just went with Crayola washable paint.

toddlers painting bunny earsWe squirted blobs of paint on a plate, handed the boys a paintbrush and let them go at it. And they actually did it! Anytime I can get my son to do an art project, I feel like it’s a major mom accomplishment, lol.

Keelan stuck his on his head right away, but instead of wearing them thought it would more fun to try and shake them off. I’m happy to report the washable paint also washes easily out of hair!

Now we have our fancy personalized bunny ears and are ready for our first big egg hunt next week!

* I added everything we used here to my Amazon Influencer page, and each link is an affiliate link, so if you click it and buy anything, I get a few cents and you make my day!


That One Time I Pressed Publish Instead of Save

One of my favorite things I learned in journalism school was about utilizing the process of the Shitty Rough Draft, or SRD for short.

My professor told us to just dump what’s in our head onto paper. Then take those words and form your story. It’s like working with a lump of clay and forming a sculpture. You use what’s there, form it, add to it, take some away and refine it until it’s just the way you want. I’ve held onto that theory and took it a step further by talk-texting notes to my phone. My notes section is filled with short blurbs waiting to be molded into blog posts.

Unfortunately, until they are crafted into something readable, they are badly spelled gibberish. Sometimes it’s because talk-to-text isn’t perfect and sometimes it’s because I’m actually just yelling gibberish into the phone. I’ve found I’m able to decipher the phone notes better than my old scribbled notes. Gibberish paired with illegible penmenship might as well be heiroglphics. Sometimes it’s so rudimentary it’s closer to cuneiform. So I gave up on carrying around a notepad and instead just transfer my notes into the wordpress app and build on it from there.

Except a few days ago when for some reason I pressed PUBLISH instead of save. And not just publish, but had allllll those little share buttons checked to blast it out to my e-mail list, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

I sent out a run-on blurb about teachers I had talk-texted into my phone during a particularly tough toddler day. Keelan was giving me a hard time about everything. I was trying to show him some new books and he just wanted to throw them, stomp on them, tear them up…do anything but actually look at them. I got so incredibly frustrated, inwardly screaming “Look you little monster I’m just trying to teach you to act like a decent human for godsakkes give me a break and stop throwing the damn book down the stairs!” And outwardly smiling through clenched teeth while trying to will some patience to the surface.

And that’s when I thought, “I don’t know how teachers deal with trying to teach a whole room of kids to look at a book and learn something, now that takes some skill.” I quickly mumbled some of these thoughts into my phone, not caring if anything was spelled correctly, or even if it was a complete sentence.

After pressing publish and getting that panicky “Oh Shit” sinking feeling, I scrambled to remember all the places it had been blasted to so I could delete each one. The only one I couldn’t delete was the mailing list. I am not actually sure if the mailing list sends out a link or the whole post. Maybe someone who got it can enlighten me! But in case it just sends a link, I went ahead and quickly finished the post so when it is clicked, there will be an actual, legitimate post. And all my mailing list people will probably just think I was drunk blogging…


Gray Dawn: The First Silver Strands

This is how the conversation went in the car the other night:

Me: The blond around my face looks like it’s growing out really silvery. Like sparkly blond.

Husband: You mean gray?

Me, HORRIFIED wide-eyed, mouth open response: It. Is. Not. Gray. I said silvery dammit. It is just really light blond.

Husband: So silver? Like gray? You’re going gray?

Me: Stop saying gray! It’s not gray! Conversation over!

But yeah, it was totally gray.

going grey

For the last 20 years I’ve been various shades of blond. I kept up with it religiously, only letting it grow out a bit when I was pregnant. As soon as I hit the 2nd trimester, I was attacking those roots with a vengeance.

Now that I have a toddler, and a heck of a lot less “me time” I decided to go back to my natural light brown with highlights. I’ve always had natural blond bits around my face. Recently I discovered those parts might not actually be blond. When I let them grow, turns out I may have been going gray for years.

When I mentioned this new development to my friend Cindy, who rocks a full head of the silvery stuff, she told me they were “naturally effervescent strands of delight.” And while I love the description, I’m not sure I’m ready to be that effervescent.

I made a salon appointment for next month to go get my hair a little more blond all over and blend in those sneaky strands. I’m 42 and not quite ready to embrace the whole “aging gracefully” thing. I’m still putting up a pretty good fight, and on the forefront of that battle is my love affair with the perfect blend of blond.

So when did you discover your first strand of gray? I’m pretty sure there is a direct correlation between having children and suddenly sprouting silver! 😂


Side Hustle Saturday: Trade-in Your Used Items for Amazon Gift Cards

I recently learned about the Amazon Trade-in Program where you can send your used items in to Amazon in exchange for Amazon gift cards. It’s really easy!

earn money amazon trade in program

After clicking through to Amazon, you just search for the items you want to trade in, which can be books, phones, e-readers, games and game consoles, and even Bluetooth speakers.

You will see the price they offer and then you can add it to your cart. I checked out several things and their prices are pretty good! And so much easier and faster than listing things on eBay. You have to answer a few questions about your item and then you get to choose the option to have it returned to you for free or accept a lower offer if they get it and it doesn’t fit the criteria for the quoted price.

Once all agreed and accepted, you print a shipping label and send it for free! Then you will get an Amazon gift card deposited in your account once the items have been received and inspected.

Clear out old junk, get money, easy peasy!

* Article contains Amazon affiliate links *