Mother of Dragons
Mother of One Tiny Dragon

Welcome Geek Mamas!  This site is dedicated to the parents who already had a stash of action figures and toys before the baby arrived, the ones who dress up like superheroes when it’s not a kids birthday or Halloween or just the ones that grew up geeky and still embrace it.

When I was pregnant, I spent a lot of time reading parent blogs and shopping for kid stuff. I ran across tons of “My Dad’s a Geek” onesies and other dad related geek paraphernalia. I started to feel a little left out. I’m the geek in the family. My husband is actually a pretty cool guy Army Green Beret. I brought him into the geeky realm of cosplay and conventions. Now that we have a son, I’m looking forward to introducing him to Star Wars, science museums, reading Harry Potter and all the things I love.

I blogged throughout my entire pregnancy and really enjoyed it. Once the baby was born, I wanted to create a new blog that included all the things I was looking for in a parent site. Something that covered the fun stuff skewed toward my interests. So I created GeekMamas.com! I’m just getting started and only have a few articles posted, but I hope to have more Geek Mamas contributing very soon.

-Candy K.

11/20/16 UPDATE: Still working on adding to the rest of the website with neat-o blog posts about food & crafts and all the stuff you can probably just find on Pinterest, but until then I’ll be concentrating on the new SAHM Diary section. I’ll be using that to get my writing groove back while also finding my way as a stay at home mommy.

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    1. Thank you! I was quite ambitious when I started it and added all these fun categories to blog about. Then the full mom experience sank in and I realized I barely have time to complete a thought much less blog it. But I am settling in and finding my way! And trying to write about it along the way 🙂

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