3 Tips for First Time Eye Glasses Wearers

Our Guest Geek post this week is all about that first pair of eye glasses, with three tips to get the most out of the experience. I remember getting my first pair of glasses! I was in 6th grade and thought the teacher had terrible handwriting on the chalkboard. Turned out, his writing was fine, but my eyesight was not! Many years later, I had LASIK and didn’t have to wear glasses until I hit my 40s and now I need readers. I am just getting used to needing glasses again, and if you are about to get your first pair, be sure to read the Guest Geek post below with helpful tips.

choosing eyeglasses

First Time Eyeglass Wearer? Here Are 3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Them:

If you have never had to wear glasses before then you surely are feeling somewhat nervous about it. You’re ready to get your eyes examined to figure out your prescription strength, but you’re unsure of what wearing glasses is going to be like.

It is an adjustment to get used to wearing them. There will be times when they get misplaced and are just an annoyance before you get used to wearing them. At a certain point you will accept them and they will become a part of your routine and even who you are. 

The key is to cut down the learning curve as much as possible by understanding what you are getting into. In this article, we will go over several things to be aware of before getting your glasses so you are able to get the most out of them. 

1 – Pick the right eyeglasses frame

One of the biggest factors that determines how you will feel about wearing glasses is going to be the frames you choose. Both in terms of the aesthetics, but also the practicality of the type of the frame is important.

For instance, if the bridge of your nose is below your pupils, then wearing low-bridge glasses will be very comfortable, but traditional frames will not. If they aren’t comfortable then you will bristle at the thought of always wearing them. 

The other consideration is the type of lenses that you want to wear. This will also be a big factor into the type of frame. Not every frame is going to work with every lens type and material. For instance, a thin and lightweight frame is not suitable for open frames as the lens isn’t strong enough to support them.

Velma cosplay with glasses
Velma always goes for a classic frame

2 – Pick the right lens material

Part of the frame choosing process is going to hinge on the type of lens material you want to go with. If you are very active and plan to play sports in your glasses then something made from polycarbonate is going to be strong enough to withstand shocks from the sport and still give you a lot of clarity. They can be used in both open and closed frames since the material is very strong. 

If you are a more casual glasses wearer and want something lightweight, then you can go with a high index lens that is good for people without a very strong prescription. 

3 – Always handle glasses with care

Unfortunately, your glasses are going to need some TLC and can’t just be an afterthought. For instance, you shouldn’t hold your glasses on your head when you aren’t wearing them. They will stretch out the springs and become loose. And, they can easily get damaged when on top of your head. (*Editor’s note- I am rarely seen without glasses on my head, and have personally ruined many glasses this way, lol)

When you are removing your glasses, use both hands to avoid one of the arms getting loose and becoming difficult to wear. 

Washing your glasses frequently will also keep them in good shape. As oils and debris accumulate on the lens, a lens wipe is not going to get them clear enough. You’ll need to use warm soapy water to wash them every few days. 

eyeglass wearing tips

Hopefully these helpful tips will lead to a positive new glasses experience!

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