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Most Useful Products for Dogs

There’s a lot of things that come with getting a new puppy or dog! We recently found this out for ourselves after adopting an Australian Shepherd puppy last year. Our Guest Geek post today covers a few items for dogs you might not have thought about.


After getting your first dog, you might think you have everything you need to take care of them, and you might be wrong – aside from bowls, leashes, and toys, there are a few other products for dogs that are beyond useful.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common ones and see how they help!

Dog Vests

Dog vests are beneficial but not necessary for all dogs. People who live in cold areas know that some dogs can’t stand the cold, while there are dogs that don’t have a problem with it. Rottweilers, for example, have a double coat and don’t need a vest.

Other dogs, such as Westies, will have trouble staying warm in cold environments. This is where dog vests come in.

These vests are designed to keep your dog warm during colder times, while many of them have a pouch you can use to store supplies (such as kibble).

Some vests glow in the dark – these are immensely useful if you walk your dog in the dark, as oncoming cars will see them on time. Like runners wearing bright clothes to mark themselves, your dog will stay safe in the street.

Life Vests for Dogs

It’s a common misconception that all animals can swim – this is untrue. Some dog breeds, such as French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs have trouble swimming. 

Since these breeds are brachycephalic, keeping a head above water is difficult. There are, unfortunately, cases of these dogs drowning because of this.

Because of this, life vests are handy – you can use them to allow your dog the swimming experience, as they’re designed to keep the head above water.

They’re also often used with larger dogs that know how to swim if they cover a lot of ground while swimming.

Braces for Dogs

We often believe dogs to be much sturdier than people, but all animals can get injured, and your dog is not excluded from this. Braces for dogs become very useful in this regard.

In case of sprains, strains, and breaks, your dog might need leg braces for dogs to stabilize their legs, keep the bones, tendons, and ligaments straight and immobile and thus heal faster. 

Veterinarians often recommend these for dogs that went through surgery.

Food Containers

Although dog food is usually made to last longer than human food (since dogs tolerate drier food and even food that’s gone a bit stale), keeping your dog kibble inappropriately stored will guarantee its demise.

This is where airtight food containers come in handy. They usually aren’t expensive and you can keep up to 50 pounds of kibble in them, ensuring that the food doesn’t go stale.

Also, no mouse or a rat will bite through an inch of plastic to get to dog food – you’re keeping it safe from invaders.

Baby Gates

Many dogs grow big enough to jump over baby gates, but if you’re keeping your dog in your home, you might want to establish certain boundaries. Some owners, for example, don’t want the dog in the kitchen or the dining room.

After all, nobody wants dog hair in their food.

Baby gates are as effective with dogs as they are with children. Although they might whimper initially, dogs quickly get used to being restricted from a specific area.

Dog Bowls To-Go

Although unnecessary on short walks, if you’re taking your dog for a long hike, it’ll need to hydrate and maybe even eat. There are very compact rubber and plastic dog bowls you can pack in your backpack and pop out whenever needed.

This is a great tool for dogs that hike a lot!

Anti-Tick Products

Although ticks are found more-or-less everywhere, this is especially important for dogs that hike. Your dog is almost guaranteed to get a tick if they spend a lot of time in the woods.

Anti-tick collars and sprays are very useful, and veterinarians highly recommend them. Ticks are often transmitters of diseases and are much more dangerous than meets the eye.

Grooming Gloves

This is especially important for owners of dogs with long hair (German Shepherds, for example) as they need constant grooming. These gloves have small brushes that take the hair off, while they’re much easier to use than a brush.

This makes grooming as easy as a breeze.

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