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Geek of the Week: Geraldine from Become Fit for Life

Several years ago, when I first started the Geek Mamas blog, Geraldine was my very first Cosplay Family Feature. That series evolved into the Geek of the Week, and Geraldine’s original blog at Jog On Mum, has evolved into a new focus on her personal training company Become Fit for Life. I recently caught back up with her to update that old post and add her as the latest Geek of the Week!

1) Introduce yourself

Hey – I am Geraldine, a statement haired, pierced and tattooed mother of two! I am now, as of January 2020, a self employed personal trainer – my company is called Become Fit For Life.

Geek-Mom-Feature (2)

2) What do you geek out on?

Oh so many! Currently caught up in the Stormlight universe – awesome books written by Brandon Sanderson – eagerly awaiting book four towards the end of this year! I’m now reading the Broken Empire Trilogy by Mark Lawrence – nearly finished the final book and then I’ve got the Red Queen’s War lined up by him as well! Almost forgot to mention the love we ALL have the Harry Potter books in this family!
But I also love Star Wars, Star Trek, anything Superhero. Superman is my eye candy – I mean Henry Cavill…- talking about Henry Cavill I really enjoyed The Witcher and now I want to read the books!
Also love Red Dwarf, Buffy, Angel… Oh I could go on and on!!!

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3) Marvel or DC? and Why?

That’s a tough one – again it’s both! I think I go one way and then I go the other! Big fan of Wonder Woman, and as I’ve already said I do love Superman – I am also a fan of Harley Quinn – but then I do love the Avengers, especially Vision oh and Ironman and Thor, oooh and there’s Dr. Strange… as you see I can’t focus on a lot… haha!

Geek-Mom-Feature (6)

4) Star Wars or Star Trek? and Why?

BOTH – I went to see the latest Star Wars film in a Star Wars t-shirt and Star Trek socks!
I love them both and always have done. With Star Trek I was more TNG – but do like the films based on the earlier series!

Geek-Mom-Feature (1)

5) Favorite video game now, or as a kid, or both if you are a long-time gamer.

Sam & Max Hit The Road – such a funny game and I loved solving the clues! Also a big fan of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

6) Were you a geeky kid or did you come into it later in life?

I think I’ve always been fairly geeky – loved technology and games. I generally love to have the latest gadget or gizmo. When it comes to films – I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed a sci-film or fantasy and I’m the same when it comes to books! I think it’s in my DNA – but now I am older I probably embrace it more and love meeting others like me!

7) Are your kids into geeky stuff too?

Fairly! They love their gadgets and gizmos and a good game. If I put Star Trek on they’ll happily watch it. They love superheroes – though we’ve not let them see all the films – they loved Aquaman and are huge Jumanji fans! They both love books, particularly my daughter and she wants to be a scientist! Though they both love Minecraft my son is obsessed, I would say addicted!

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8) Are you working on anything right now you’d like to share?

Building up my Personal Training business and trying to get people to enjoy being fit and healthy by giving them techniques they can use for life (and advocating what a fab self-care activity reading is!)

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A big thank you to Geraldine for taking the time to answer my questions (again!) and if you’d like to read more, you can find her on both her fitness and blog social accounts:

Become Fit for Life:

Jog on Mum:

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