9 Pro Tips to Restore Damaged Hair to Life

The summer can be hard on your hair. Sun, salt and chlorine can all take a toll and hair health and by winter you may find yourself with damaged tresses. Our Guest Geek post this week is full of helpful tips to restore your damaged hair back to life, so you’ll be ready for all the Christmas parties.

restoring damaged hair

9 Pro Tips to Restore Damaged Hair to Life

These days, to get hair looking amazing and presentable, you’ll have to style it and maybe even color it regularly. However, this can cause irreversible damage. Depending on how bad it gets, you’ll have to use different products or different approaches to restore your hair.

There are certain healthy habits and hair care routines that you can follow to keep your hair healthy and revive it from damage. For example, regularly conditioning your hair is one of the best things you can do to maintain moisture and soften damaged locks. But to make sure that your hair gets treated and cared for, try to follow these tips:

1. Avoid Heat Styling Tools

First thing you have to do is to completely avoid using any heating tools that could burn up your hair. Although it might be tempting to use a hair straightener or a blow dryer, it’s important to avoid them as long as possible. When you do have the need to use them, it’s important to use a heat protectant spray.

2. Use Moisturizing Hair Masks

Hair masks are fantastic for moisturization, especially if you have extremely dry and damaged hair. Unlike conditioners, hair masks are done only once a week. If you have oily hair, sticking to it once a week will do, but if you have drier and more textured hair, it’s possible to use it more often.

applying a hair conditioning mask to damaged hair

3. Try Protein Treatments

Another product you could use to revive your hair is protein treatment. This product is known for bonding the proteins that are found in hair. Usually, these bonds break after being damaged by bleach and hair coloring products. Although protein treatments can be expensive, they’re quite effective.

4. Avoid Stripping Your Hair of Natural Oils

The scalp secretes natural oils that help moisturize your hair. If you find that your hair is on the drier side, avoid washing your hair too often as it strips it of natural oils. But if you do find that you have to wash yourself more often, it’s possible to use hair oils to add back in the lost moisture.

5. Eat Healthy

How you take care of yourself affects your skin and hair. Therefore, you have to watch what you eat and consume foods that could be helpful with your hair growth and scalp health. For anyone with damaged hair, waiting for regrowth is your best chance of starting again with healthy hair. However, this can take a long time, but you can speed it up by eating these types of foods:

  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Eggs
  • Fatty fish
  • Avocados
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Oysters
  • Shrimp
  • Beans
  • Soybeans
  • Sweet peppers
  • Sweet potatoes

6. Get Regular Trims

Getting regular trims is the best way to keep your ends healthy. This can get rid of split ends and breakage that can make it seem like your hair isn’t growing. To ensure that your hair grows healthy and strong, the best time for when to cut hair for growth is to get a trim every six to eight weeks. By doing this regularly, you could get rid of all the dead ends and enjoy undamaged and healthy hair.

split ends

Lay Off the Bleach and Hair Color

Another way to avoid damaging your hair further is to avoid bleaching and coloring your hair. Some hair coloring products are fine, such as the moisturizing ones, but those containing peroxide should be avoided if you plan to revive your hair.

Talk to a Professional Hair Stylist

There’s a lot of things about hair that can be hard to understand. Even the function of certain products and treatments can be confusing, and not everyone has the time to study up on products and how to use them. To make things easier, going to a professional hair stylist can be helpful. They can give you a run down on what you should and should not do. While you’re there, you can also get a trim.

bleaching hair

Wait For It to Grow Back

Out of all these tips, however, waiting for your hair to grow back is your best bet. As long as you care for the regrowth, this is your best strategy for getting healthy hair. Taking extra steps to care for your hair will help it become manageable and healthier as it grows back.


Hair can be fun to style with heating tools and exciting to dye in various colors. However, these can damage your hair, and it’s also possible for your hair to start breaking off and falling out if you aren’t careful. Therefore, it’s important to take care and protect your hair so that you can maintain a beautiful mane at all times.

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