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Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is here! And with it comes spring cleaning, so today’s Guest Geek post covers 11 things you can add to your spring property maintenance checklist to get you through to the next season.

spring cleaning

Now that the weather is starting to warm up and days are lengthening, it’s time to start changing things around your home. It’s time to begin thinking about spring home maintenance! However, things will go a lot smoother if you start working with a plan in mind.

A home maintenance checklist can help you make sure that your home is in good shape for the coming season. Many homeowners forget about home maintenance until something goes wrong. By then, it’s often too late. Today, we will discuss some of the most important things you need to do to get your home ready for spring. Let’s get into it!

11 Things to include in your spring property maintenance checklist:

#1: Look into what’s above your head

One of the most important things on your home maintenance checklist is to check your roof. Make sure that there are no leaks and that the shingles are in good condition. If you have any broken or missing shingles, it’s time to replace them. You should also check for any damage caused by winter weather, such as ice dams.

In addition, you should consider cleaning your roof in the spring if you see any stains. If you detect any dark patches, algae are probably to blame. If it’s moss, then do manage to clean it. In strong winds, moss on asphalt shingles may cause them to lift, curl, or blow off. Apply a solution of bleach and water to remove algae or moss.

If you find your home needing some roof repair and replacement, then go seek help from the pros right away. Companies like Mighty Dog Roofing are perfect for this job. They can secure every detail of your roof to ensure its efficiency over your head!

#2: Check to maintain a clean home atmosphere

Another important item in your home maintenance routine is your HVAC system. Make sure to change the air filter and check the coils for any dirt or debris. If you find any problems, it’s time to call a professional HVAC technician.

#3: Clear the gutters off any debris

Remove all debris and leaves from the downspouts and gutters. If the gutters are drooping, repair them or replace them entirely. Are any of your holes visible? Caulking will prevent leaks. Be aware that downspouts should be oriented away from your home to improve drainage.

#4: Check your windows and doors

Another thing you can include in your home maintenance checklist is your windows and doors. To keep insects from entering your house, repair or replace the windows and doors’ screens. It’s a good idea to wash your windows at this point. Before you begin washing the panes, clean the tracts and seals with a vacuum attachment or a soft brush.

Remember to clean the weep holes on your storm windows. Pour some water into the sill to test that these important drain holes are open. You may also use a thin wire to clear out the openings. If you notice weather damage on these things, consider repair or replacement right away.

window cleaning

#5: Lend some time to your AC

Remove all debris from the immediate area, change filters, and clean ducts and vents. If your filters are blocked, air won’t flow freely through them, forcing your unit to work harder to cool your home. Filters that are congested can result in poorer air quality in your house. Don’t put it off any longer; you may be able to lower much of your utility bills.

You may also have your air conditioner serviced by a professional. An expert AC technician can check the efficiency of your system, look at coolant levels, and repair any problems before the summer heat arrives.

#6: Get into repairing woodwork and deck

Rails, decking, trellises, fences, and other wood features also require some attention. If left unattended, these constructions are prone to decay and deterioration, so it is only a must for them to be included in your spring home maintenance checklist. Read this informative article to get to know how long does cedar decking last.

If there is any damage to your wooden fences, repair it. If the wood is dry, split or broken pieces may be rejoined. Apply tape to the elements for support as the glue sets. Replace boards that are too damaged to restore.

Use a power washer to clean up moldy wood, then seal it with wood oils and preserves. Decking oil is the greatest option for fence treatment because it keeps the wood flexible and durable. Exterior wood oil can help protect your wood while also extending its life span.

cleaning wood floors

#7: Check your attic and/or basement

Look for indicators of dampness in your basement and attic that you may have missed. Look for leaks, water stains, and mold to see if there’s any damage. Any strange odors, such as mold or mildew, should be dealt with right away. To prevent significant water damage or mold problems, locate and seal off the source of moisture.

#8: Perform property safety checks

Because you don’t utilize them frequently, safety and emergency functions are easy to overlook. It’s a good idea to conduct periodic inspections. Change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Check the fire extinguishers to ensure that the needle is in the green zone. The exhaust fans should also be effective. These things may seem unnecessary but ensuring their quality means ensuring your safety and security.

#9: Consider some upgrades

It’s a wonderful time to replace and maintain your home’s lights, appliances, and other systems during the spring. While repairing or replacing, consider upgrading to more energy-efficient solutions. This can definitely spice up your home and save you some bucks, which makes it valuable to include in your home maintenance checklist. 

#10: Tidy your lawn and landscaping

Trim any overgrowth from your garden and clear the landscaping. It’s also a good time to get your flower beds some makeover in the spring. You may also use compost-pile dead organic matter as fertilizer. Gravel should be used instead of lawn grass to prevent weeds from growing.

Use compacted soil in low parts of your yard to avoid foundation damage and waterlogging. Also, now is the time to keep up with your grass to ensure a lush green appearance throughout the summer.

#11: Purge the unnecessary

Finally, make sure to go through your home and get rid of any items that you no longer need. Spring is a great time to do a little bit of spring cleaning!

There you have it, 11 routines you can consider putting on your home maintenance checklist! These will help ensure that your home is in good shape for the coming season. So, don’t wait up anymore, plan it all out, and get your home maintained in your own way!

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