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Family-Friendly Tips for Creating a Safe, Functional, and Enjoyable Gaming Experience

Gaming can be beneficial for kids and adults alike, but you’ll need to put some effort into creating a safe and functional gaming setup at home. From choosing the right gaming console for your kids to making sure your home internet connection can handle heavy video game usage, […]

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Best Board Games to Try During Lockdown

Stuck at home and looking for something new to do? Guest Geek blogger Ashley Lipman has rounded up several fun board games to break the boredom of being stuck at home during these “safer at home” pandemic times. Best Board Games to Try During Lockdown With everyone trapped […]

Surviving a Comic Con with Your Teenager

While my child-related Comic Con expertise lies in the little kid stuff, today’s guest blogger Emily Parker from The6Parkers is taking up the challenge of bringing teenagers to a convention. From group cosplay to just getting them to put down their phones, Emily dishes out a little advice […]