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How to Be Safe In the Car With Kids

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Keeping our focus on the road ahead is essential in Jacksonville traffic. From point A to point B, there are millions of external factors that – if we aren’t fully attentive – can cause our day to take a turn for the worse.

A fender bender while driving alone is one thing. If there are kids in the car, it’s much more of an event.

The most important thing is the safety and well-being of ourselves and the little ones in the seat behind us, and we should all take steps to ensure that we arrive at our destination happy, healthy, and ready to move on to our next adventure. 

Here are five strategies that anyone can use to stay alert behind the wheel and keep all passengers safe from harm.

Put the Phone to the Side

It’s a natural reaction to check notifications as they come in, but behind the wheel isn’t the place to see what your group chat is fighting about. Picking up your phone or checking a built-in media hub can take your eyes off the road for longer than you think. And, considering that taking your eyes off the road for 5 seconds at 55 mph is equivalent to driving a football field with your eyes closed, even reading a short message is more dangerous than it feels.

Having children in the car is a distraction in itself, so let’s minimize them as best we can. You can use “do not disturb” settings on most phones or use other third-party apps to silence notifications while driving.

cell phone

Use Proper Car Seats for Young Children

Car seats provide vital protection to young children traveling in any type of car. The right one for your child depends on their age and size, which isn’t always easy to tell. 

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has an online resource to quickly check if your children have outgrown their car seats. You can also find inexpensive used options around your community by joining social groups or using a resource like Facebook marketplace. If you do purchase a car seat secondhand, just be sure it is not expired, recalled or has ever been in a crash.

Practice Safe Habits

Sometimes, kids move too fast to remember what we’ve taught them. They can forget their seatbelts, move around when arguing with siblings, or cause distractions that are unsafe for you as the driver. Although you may have to explain a few times before they get it, having a “car safety” talk with your kids can help them be safe in other cars and even make them safer adults.

Stay Up to Date on Recalls

Product recalls happen hundreds of times per year, affecting items from baby toys and electronics to car parts and medications. They’re usually the result of manufacturer negligence during some part of the production process, but – for vehicles –  they can have serious results if the defect involves a safety feature of the car, like airbags, seat belts, or the electronics that lock doors.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers an online resource for anyone to stay in the know of the latest product recalls. You don’t have to check it constantly, but doing so every once in a while can reduce your risk of harm significantly.

Double Check – Everything!

Make a mental or written checklist of things to remember as you get in and out of the car, including locks, scanning the backseat, and watching for immediate hazards in the area. You should also include a pre-launch check to make sure loose items are strapped, car seats are properly buckled, and mirrors are in a position to provide the utmost visibility.

Teach it to your family, too, so everyone can get involved and stay safer as a group!

family with car

To Review

Let’s all stay safer behind the wheel by:

  • Putting our phones to the side
  • Using proper car seating for young children
  • Practicing safe habits
  • Checking for the latest product recalls
  • Double-checking everything!

What You Can Do for Your Loved Ones

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