Thrown Off Track by My Birthday

I was all caught up and chugging along with blog posts in a timely manner, and then my birthday crept up on me, along with a trip to see my mom and a stop at LEGOLAND and now here we are a week later with no new posts and a giant to-do list. Hard to … Continue reading Thrown Off Track by My Birthday Finally Has a Real Newsletter

After three years of just using the built-in WordPress sign-up form, I finally sat down and created a MailChimp account and newsletter so I could send out neatly arranged summaries of everything that's going on over here at Unlike the WordPress one, this won't just send every blog post, but will be a curated list … Continue reading Finally Has a Real Newsletter

Writing Your First Blog Post

I always read about people having trouble pressing publish for the first time. They stress about putting that first post out into the world for everyone to read. I always advise people to just start writing and don't worry about it. Because honestly? Unless you are pushing that post and sharing it on social media, … Continue reading Writing Your First Blog Post

Mommy Bloggers Ruined Pinterest

When Pinterest first came out, I thought it was a great place to find and collect cool photos of things and inspiration. I created boards like "Hair Color Ideas" or "House Inspiration" and they were filled with pretty photos I could easily glance at while looking over the board. Fast forward to a few years … Continue reading Mommy Bloggers Ruined Pinterest

Writing an Honest Review

When you read a review of anything on this blog, even when I've been paid to write it, I can assure you it will always be an honest review. Things don't always go according to plan, and when things inadvertently go a little awry, I find it's best just to write the truth instead of … Continue reading Writing an Honest Review

Bring in the Geek

I spent about an hour on Saturday rearranging and adding new categories. This blog is a constant, always morphing project, so each time I find a little more focus I like to rearrange and fine-tune my categories. I was inspired Geek of the Week GeekMomLife and figured it was time to bring a little more "geek" … Continue reading Bring in the Geek

Writing Rejection – How It Can Be a Positive Thing

Writers always talk about their rejections, so this is nothing new. You always read about famous authors collecting stacks of rejection letters and postcards, maybe even hanging them on the wall for inspiration. But as someone who only recently starting sending out queries and submitting articles, it is new for me. And in these days you … Continue reading Writing Rejection – How It Can Be a Positive Thing

Dear Bloggers, Stop it with the GIFs

I just tried to read what was a really decent post about blogging, but every paragraph was broken up with animated GIFs and the page was so busy it was on the verge of triggering a migraine. This was a post trying to give blogging advice, but what the author really needed was a lesson in … Continue reading Dear Bloggers, Stop it with the GIFs

My Year in Blogging: Top 8 in 2018

This year was a big year for me in blogging. It marks the first year since I started the blog that I actually called myself a blogger. In fact, there were a lot of firsts this year! It's the first time I actually made money blogging, first time I applied myself and treated it like … Continue reading My Year in Blogging: Top 8 in 2018

The Secret to Scheduling Blog Posts for the Impatient Blogger

I just got done scheduling four blog posts to post during my holiday traveling time, which is a big deal for me. I have such a hard time writing and then not publishing immediately! I think because my posts are usually personal, so it's stuff I want to talk about NOW. Not two weeks from … Continue reading The Secret to Scheduling Blog Posts for the Impatient Blogger