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The Truth About Publix BOGO

Publix BOGO, is it Buy One, Get One free? Or can you just get one for half price? The answer is: It depends what state you are in!

Different States, Different BOGO Rules

I live in Florida, where if you buy one BOGO item, you pay full price and get a second free. If you don’t get your free one, you lose out.

I was visiting north Alabama and shopping at Publix with my cousin and grabbed some BOGO chips. She said I could just get one for half off, and I was like, “Oh no, that’s not how it works. I thought it did, but a Publix employee told me that only works on the “2 for” items. You have to get the second one or you miss out.”

We got to the counter and I got confused at the receipt because it had both items rang up at a half price discount. And she was like, “See, you could have just gotten one half price.”

Mind. Blown. So of course I had to go look it up, and ran across a Reddit thread and Facebook thread of people arguing back and forth about which was was right.

I finally managed to find a clear answer and discovered it differed by state. For the most part, if you live in Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and northern Alabama, you can buy just one BOGO item at half price.

But everywhere else you have to buy one at full price and get the same item free.

I like the half off option so much better! Come on Publix, why the different rules?

As a side note, the “2 for $x” deals can be split up, and you can get one item for the discounted price.

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