Cosplay is Not a Dirty Word

Cosplayers can get pretty wound up when asked about the current state of the cosplay community. My generation in particular can get their wonder panties in quite a bunch over “cosplay” and what cosplay means and how it’s basically a dirty word ruining everything associated with costuming. Many of us have acquiesced and accepted the … Continue reading Cosplay is Not a Dirty Word

10 Ideas for Maternity Costumes from a Cosplay Mom

For a long time, I had a file folder of ideas and references for pregnancy costumes, should that day ever come. I had a big section dedicated to Amidala's pregnancy outfits. Then, Halloween hit and I was 8 months pregnant with no Star Wars costume in site. I don’t know if it was pregnancy hormones or … Continue reading 10 Ideas for Maternity Costumes from a Cosplay Mom

The Most Expensive Cosplays Ever Created

Cosplay has experienced a boom in the past few decades, becoming a huge part of pop culture fandom. Starting in Japan, the subculture can be seen at events and conventions across the globe. Cosplay conventions have them all, from low-cost costumes to expensive and intricately-designed suits. The price doesn't necessarily reflect a build's quality, because … Continue reading The Most Expensive Cosplays Ever Created

Never Too Old for Halloween

I have always loved Halloween night. I still remember the thrill of getting dressed up and running around the neighborhood in the dark. There would be kids running everywhere, house to house, demanding candy. There was such excitement and fun in the air. Then I got older and didn't get to trick-or-treat anymore. To be … Continue reading Never Too Old for Halloween

I Heart Cosplay

Cosplay defined: a contraction of the words costume and play, cosplay is a hobby in which participants make and wear costumes to represent a specific character. The broader use of the term "cosplay" applies to any costuming in venues apart from the stage or Halloween. So now that we got that out of the way... … Continue reading I Heart Cosplay

Generation Geek

I'm old school. The only video games I kick ass at were released at least 20 years ago. And I love Star Wars, but I haven't even seen Rogue One yet. And I feel like that sort of define things. Especially with the death of Han Solo and then the real life death of Princess … Continue reading Generation Geek