Hatching a Plan with Reading Eggs

I don’t usually do reviews for computer programs, games or apps, because I can barely find time to get on the computer and take care of my blog stuff, much less learn a new program and use it enough to actually review it. If my 3-year-old son sees me on the computer, he either complains until I get off or crawls in my lap and just wants to bang on the keyboard.

I was very honest with ReadingEggs.com when they asked me to review their program. I was intrigued by the idea of channeling that keyboard banging into a learning experience, but not sure if he would actually participate in the learning portion enough for me to give it a full review. They gave me a generous 4-week review period (click the link if you want to try it too) and said if he doesn’t like it, no problem. I figure we might as well give it a try!

reading eggs

It did not go well the first two weeks. At first he didn’t even want to try it. He refused to sit in the seat. Then he gave it a try for a couple minutes and afterwards wouldn’t touch it for a week. I just kept giving him the option every time he complained I was on the computer, I’d ask him to join me and play “the egg game.”

I am happy to say, not only did he start to participate, but he actually asks at least once or twice a day now to do Reading Eggs. He likes it so much that I went ahead and purchased it for the year! I’ll support anything that gets him interested in learning.

He loves the alphabet eggs, where you click to crack the egg and pictures pop out for each letter. After completing a round, he gets to “paint” a photo and then comes his favorite part – he clicks an egg, something random pops out and then a star at the bottom of the screen eats it. I have no idea why, or what even some of the random stuff is, but every time it happens he screams “And the star eats it!” and laughs like it’s the best thing ever.

And here’s the cool thing – the Reading Eggs program isn’t just teaching him to read, it’s teaching him to use the computer! When we started, he had no idea how to work the mouse and now he can move it around and knows how to right and left click. The little games where he gets to squish fruit or digitally paint are actually improving his hand-eye coordination skills as he learns to move the mouse around. It’s amazing to see how fast he catches on!

We haven’t made it very far through all the website options so we have a LOT more to explore. I’m looking forward to trying out the different games, but until then we have a whole alphabet to explore, lots of eggs to crack and more random things for that weird little star to eat.

A New Respect for Teachers

Anyone who takes on a teacher position, bless you. It takes an amazing amount of patience, imagination, ingenuity and intelligence to become a good teacher and really help others to learn. I’m only trying to teach one child and find it incredibly challenging. I can’t imagine how it is to be in charge of an entire classroom of little minds.

apple on booksMy son is about to turn three and wants to know what everything is and how it works. I’m thankful I have Google at my fingertips so I can look everything up and try and teach him new things. Every once in a while I feel completely overwhelmed by the fact that I have to teach him EVERYTHING. And I get worried I’m not doing it right, or not teaching him enough. And how do I know what exactly I should be teaching him?

I’ve been concentrating on counting, colors, shapes and letters. I try to expand on things he’s quizzical about, and I try to do it all in a way that makes it fun so he will enjoy learning. And in the middle of all that, I realized, “Oh wow, looks like I have yet another new job. Time to add teacher to the list.” (it’s a long list of mom jobs including things like chef, maid and butt wiper)

And that realization grew into a new respect for the people that actually go out and teach people every day. Their jobs are so incredibly important. A good teacher can change your life, or help shape a little life just starting out. So thank you to all the teachers out there! And to homeschooling moms…wow, that has got to take some dedication and hard work. You certainly have my respect as well. Each time I try to do some type of learning activity with the toddler my teacher respect grows…and grows…and grows…