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Stuff I’m Loving This Month – April

I wanted to start doing a weekly wrap-up of stuff that wasn’t getting a full blog post, but was worthy of a mention. And then I was like, “Who am I kidding? WEEKLY?, lol. So I decided to do a monthly thing. I know it isn’t quite the end of the month yet, but let’s not get too picky.

So here’s the first official installment of: Stuff I’m Loving this Month

1 – My fabulous gel nails! I have never had polish last this long. I’m a nibbler and a picker, so polish lasts me maybe a day. This stuff literally last two weeks with NO chips. I’m really living have pretty nails. The color is Show Me Your Tips by OPI. And if you are local, they do a great job at Bella Nails.



2 – My new cup that keeps ice in it for days! I was a little jealous of my husband’s fancy Yeti cup. Then I got the Rettebovon stainless steel cup off Amazon for a fraction of the price and it works great! It came with an optional handle, two different style lids and straws too. I think it’s neat to wake up and still have ice in my nighttime water glass. And it doesn’t sweat and make a drippy mess.



3 – Keelan’s new shirt from AmericanAdorn.com. It’s cute and beachy and 100% American made. Use code GEEKMAMAS20 for 20% off



4 – Sushi! Who am I kidding? Sushi could be on here every time. I love sushi! This week we tried out a place that just opened at Neptune Beach called Kamiya 86. The rainbow martini was delicious!



5 – My pic for the Jacuzzi bath salts that came in my Mom Life Vox Box from Influenster. I really think this is my favorite #momlife pic ever, lol. Although I do really miss my relaxing bath time and my old bathtub. Our new house just has this one small tub. Hoping to change that in the future! I’ve been checking around on walk-in tub prices, tubs with jets, garden baths, etc., trying to find just the right thing to fit in the space.


And that wraps up my favorite things this month! Feel free to share what you’re loving right now 🙂

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