Unboxing Happiness with TheraBox

I’m still working on my unboxing skills. OK, I’m also still working on my YouTube skills, video shooting skills, and various other blog related skill sets that don’t involve writing. So when MyTheraBox.com contacted me asking about sending a unique box of therapist curated happiness, I was all for it! What frazzled mom doesn’t want to get a special box of goodies meant to soothe the soul and lift the spirit?

I’m loving trying everything out! Lots of cool stuff in there like bath soaks, teas, meditation spray, eye gel and more. Of course I went straight for the Energy Tea because moms are perpetually tired.

Hmmm wonder if I can double up and do a cup of Energy tea followed by Sex Tea? Probably only if they have a Sleepytime Tea for toddlers… 😂

The boxes come in several monthly options and have a tendency to sell out, so if you like that month’s theme, make sure to reserve yours quickly!


So here’s my latest unboxing attempt. Watch me nearly choke myself opening the box and then try not to giggle every time I say “self love.” I’ve got a long way to go, but at least I managed to find a better location than my kitchen table and I’m having fun as I go! And stop by MyTheraBox.com to check out the boxes for yourself!

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