Sweet Potatoes in the Copper Crisper

My grandmother surprised me with a Copper Crisper, so I had to give it a try right away. My husband keeps getting sweet potatoes with the intention of cutting them up and making little tater tot type things for his lunch, and then doesn’t follow through with it, so I figured this would be the perfect thing to use for that.

I chopped up three sweet potatoes into cubes, and in hindsight that was too many to fit on the pan but I went through with it anyway!

I didn’t want all the sugar and sweetness so I just tossed the potatoes in a little olive oil and sea salt and then put them in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, as per the directions. I was very skeptical that 20 minutes was going to be enough, and I was right, so I put them back in for 20 more. And then a little longer.

I took them out and mix them in the butter like the recipe said, but I probably would’ve been better off skipping that part. They were OK, but not as crunchy as I’d hoped. I realize this was probably my fault for overloading the pan, although I did go in and move them around every time I added more time so that they could all cook.

Here’s the recipe if you are interested in trying it yourself!

I do plan on giving it another try but with less sweet potatoes next time and no butter! I have started using the Copper Crisper for other things like breaded fish and chicken and it actually works pretty good so I’m sure I can get a crisper potato if I adjust the amount.

Anybody else use one of these? Any tips or favorite things to cook in it?

Getting Cozy with CozyPhones

I’d been wanting to try a set of CozyPhones to see if they would block out my husband’s snoring. It’s loud and awful and always interrupting my sleep. I bought some expensive ear plugs that worked great at blocking out every noise except the snoring. It’s like he snores at some special frequency immune to sound barriers. (As a side note, I recently found some nose plug thingies that actually work great to stop him from snoring)

CozyPhones are a soft headband with earphones inside. They come both wired and Bluetooth capable. If you are using them for sleeping, I’d suggest going Bluetooth. It’s kind of weird being connected to your phone while sleeping if you flip around like I do.

They also make some really cute Paw Patrol headphones so I was hoping to convince my son to wear them in time for our summer trip to Ireland, but no luck yet. He just hates having anything over his ears!

I found them really comfortable to wear, even for side sleeping. Ear plugs bug me and I usually have to take out the one that’s pressed into the pillow, so I was impressed that I couldn’t feel the earphone part inside! I used a white noise app and they blocked out almost everything. Everything except the full-throttle roaring from the other side of the bed.

So while they failed the snore test, they do have many other uses! They do work great for sleeping when you want to block out most noise, they would also be great for winter time running or snowboarding. But then, I may have found the best use of all. Helping me find a little peace and calm when my son is losing it in extended tantrum mode:

I’m sure I’ll be using my CozyPhones a lot on our upcoming trip. The name suits them well- they are really soft and cozy! They also make lycra ones for activewear. You can find them on their website CozyPhones.com or on Amazon.

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Unboxing Happiness with TheraBox

I’m still working on my unboxing skills. OK, I’m also still working on my YouTube skills, video shooting skills, and various other blog related skill sets that don’t involve writing. So when MyTheraBox.com contacted me asking about sending a unique box of therapist curated happiness, I was all for it! What frazzled mom doesn’t want to get a special box of goodies meant to soothe the soul and lift the spirit?

I’m loving trying everything out! Lots of cool stuff in there like bath soaks, teas, meditation spray, eye gel and more. Of course I went straight for the Energy Tea because moms are perpetually tired.

Hmmm wonder if I can double up and do a cup of Energy tea followed by Sex Tea? Probably only if they have a Sleepytime Tea for toddlers… 😂

The boxes come in several monthly options and have a tendency to sell out, so if you like that month’s theme, make sure to reserve your’s quickly!


So here’s my latest unboxing attempt. Watch me nearly choke myself opening the box and then try not to giggle every time I say “self love.” I’ve got a long way to go, but at least I managed to find a better location than my kitchen table and I’m having fun as I go!

Moms Are Tired Part 3: This Time it’s Supercharged with SUTRA Superfoods

As I stared down at the activated charcoal cocoa flavored drink mix swirling around, blackening the sides my cup, all I could think was: Apparently I’ll try anything if it promises a little energy boost. And then I wondered if it was going to stick all in my teeth. For the record, it did not.

I agreed to try two different types of SUTRA powder, black and gold. The first one pictured here is SUTRA black, described on the website as “a delicious activated charcoal detox drink that boosts energy naturally through the use of healing superfoods, without negative effects of caffeine and tastes like a smooth and flavorful hot cocoa.”

It was…interesting. You mix a packet of powder with hot water or milk and then it’s ready to drink. I chose water so I could really taste the flavor. My first try was in the microwave and the powder didn’t completely dissolve so it tasted a little gritty. The second try was with a kettle, so the water was boiling hot, and I got better results and a much smoother drink.

The taste overall is very mild, with a hint of cocoa. I think it gave me a little boost. I tried it during the afternoon slump hours, when my toddler is still going full force and I’m the one ready for a nap. I wasn’t bouncing off the walls, but did feel awake and alert.

By the way, what pops up first when you type “sutra black” into Google is NOT cocoa drink (NSFW, lol), so here’s their website: https://www.sipsutra.com

Experiment number two was with SUTRA Gold. This one is an antioxidant rich golden milk that is supposed to taste like a “smooth and flavorful chai latte.”


This one dissolved more easily, creating a golden liquid, and again my first worry was that it would be all in my teeth. (again, it was not)

I wasn’t a fan of gold and found it a little too warm overall. Possibly because it was 90 degrees out and I was drinking a hot spicy drink that made my belly feel all warm. I could see drinking this one on a chilly day, but I did not make it through the whole cup to really assess its benefits.

So will it replace my coffee? No, I still need that caffeinated morning jolt. But I could see drinking the SUTRA black in the late afternoon when I want a little pick-me-up and don’t want to worry about caffeine keeping me up later.





5 Tips on Doing a YouTube Unboxing Video with a Toddler

I was sent a new subscription box from NostalgicCandyClub.com and thought it would be fun to do a video review with my two-year-old. I went into things very optimistically because I figure all kids love candy, this should be easy! Big surprise- Nothing is ever easy!

So here’s a few tips I learned the hard way:

1) Give them a lift – Get them a booster seat, or a pillow, or anything that makes them a little taller. After getting all my camera angles perfect (or so I thought) I had the toddler sit down and just the top of his head was showing.

Unboxing video with toddler

2) Prepare and research firstRead over everything before you start, and practice what you want to say. That way you are familiar with the product and able to remember what you are saying when things start going weird. Nothing ever goes the way you think as soon as a toddler is involved.

The info card I should have read and studied ahead of time!

3) Just expect nothing to go as expected.They may suddenly decide to not participate, refuse to do anything they’re asked, or say something weird. Be ready to just roll with it.

4) Photograph everything ahead of time and repackage. – Once your toddler gets ahold of things, they never look the same. I was left with a pile of trash and candy at the end and did not get any photos. This is all that’s left:


5) Get rid of the toddler. – Ha! Just Kidding. Sort of. Basically, make sure you can do a good review solo and then engage your unpredictable sidekick with a few questions along the way.


So here’s our attempt at unboxing video. Things did not really go the way I had planned. I was expecting “candy from the past 50 years” as mentioned on their website, but the stuff in the box was from about 100 years ago and I had no idea what most of it was. Also, 100 years ago they had very questionable taste in candy. If I had checked everything out ahead of time I’d have waited for my grandma to visit and done the unboxing with her!