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A Little Hello from Ireland

I’ve been in Ireland for a week now and haven’t had a chance to update the blog once! I was itching to post something but I’ve gone over my data limit and ATT has slowed my Internet to dial-up speed and most of my attempts to connect are just met with a little spinning wheel that tries in vain to connect. The Wi-Fi, when I can find it, doesn’t seem to be much better. I’m hoping to be able to post this on the day I actually write it!

It’s been a great vacation with a lot of adventuring. We’ve seen many castles, churches, ruins and rocks. The highlight for me so far was visiting the filming locations for the last couple Star Wars movies. (That will be a whole blog post on its own)

Loop head star wars

Loop Head where they filmed The Last Jedi

We arrived in Dublin at 4:30 AM, and after getting our bags and rental car squared away, we got on the road to Rock of Cashel. We arrived around 7AM in a very quiet and empty town and soon discovered nobody in Ireland gets up until at least 10AM. Therein lies the secret of seeing places without the crowds- just get there before 10.

The castle ruins didn’t open until 9AM so we went searching for a place for breakfast and eventually got lucky with an early opening bakery. The guidebooks warned that Rock of Cashel can get pretty crowded, but we were the only people wandering around when it finally opened. It was pretty amazing having the whole place to ourselves!

Rock of Cashel is mine! All mine!

As we were leaving we saw loads of tour buses arriving bringing the crowds. By then we were ready for our next adventure!

Our vacation plans were pretty relaxed and our main goal was to just stop at anything that looked interesting on the drive from Dublin to Kilkee.

We maintained that plan each day as we set a destination and then stopped off along the way to explore.

So far we’ve visited the cliffs of Kerry, Loop Head lighthouse, The Burren, Rock of Cashel, Listowel Castle and various other castles, cliffs and places of interest.

Mom and son

Field of flowers in Kilrush

We head back to Dublin tomorrow to wrap-up our trip with a tour of Guinness, a visit to Temple Bar and whatever else we can find in the city.

So bye for now! I’m off to try and get this to post. I’ve only been attempting to upload it for the last 45 minutes ๐Ÿ˜†

*also this is the first time I’ve tried posting using just my phone so I have no idea if my pics are enormous or if the layout is weird

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  1. So beautiful! One of my boys is John – named after a wonderful Irish priest. He was passing through Florida when my husband and I met him, he changed our lives for the better. Heโ€™s amazing. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ


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