The Christmas Cards that Never Arrived

A few weeks ago I did a post asking people to send me Christmas cards. I deleted it after less than a week because I ran across a couple of other card requests and I felt like those people might need them a little bit more. In the end, I got NO CARDS AT ALL, but it was all my fault. I put the wrong darn address.

Although I took it down after a few days, I figured my post was up long enough so that I’d at least maybe get a few fun cards. The first few days we went to check, it was exciting. But after the third empty day, my son lost interest and asked to wait in the car when I went to check on our sad empty box. So instead of cheering me up, my little Christmas request started to make me a little grumpy.

I double checked the address on the post and it looked right. With each empty day, I got a little grumpier, occasionally composing imaginary “Thanks for Nothing” blog posts in my head. I wasn’t planning on actually posting anything so ungrateful, but I can’t deny I was feeling a bit letdown.

Then today I decided to check the number once again, very very carefully. And that’s when I saw I had transposed the numbers 265 and 625. It was my own fault the box was empty. I gave everyone the wrong address and now somebody else was getting all my cards. I have no idea if they will be returned, or if that person kept them. I’d like to think if they are forever lost, maybe that person needed a little extra Christmas cheer themself.

So Thank You to anyone who might have sent a card to the PO Box number I posted. I’m feeling like a big dummy especially since I’m such a stickler for editing. And I was SO excited about the new PO Box that I thought posting it was such a great idea. I still can’t believe I put the wrong address.

And in the end, I was actually totally wrong about not having many friends who “do the card thing” and we got lots of cards from friends and family that were sent to our home address.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year! And I really appreciate any cards that were sent, even if I never get to see them. Just to know the post wasn’t actually totally ignored has made me pretty happy.


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