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Welcome to 2020! Now Get Back to Work

I’m finally home from all my Christmas travels and getting the ball rolling again on all the blog stuff. I took a little blogging and social media break for a couple weeks at the end of the year so I could just enjoy the holidays.

I have some cleaning up and rearranging planned for the blog this year. I may do a look back and repost some of my favorite posts from 2019. I’m also working on moving the posts from my other blog over here and consolidating so I can focus on one blog.

What about you guys? What’s your big plans for 2020? It’s kind of a neat date to write isn’t it?

This is me since we’ve returned to Florida. I came home and immediately turned on the air conditioner, then turned it off and opened the windows and then later turned on the heat for a bit. Crazy weather, lol.


Wishing you all a great new decade! The last year was a bit of a rough one for me with the death of my dad, dog and cat and deployment of my husband to Iraq. He’s currently right where everything has gone to hell so that’s weighing on my mind a bit. I also bought a car that immediately got hit in a parking lot and the entire AV/radio/control center in the middle went out. All in the first week of owning it.

I’m starting this year off still solo-parenting, with tensions in Iraq/Iran escalating and just hoping my husband makes it home safe and close to his original return date. I did manage to at least get the car place to agree to fix the AV panel and I got touch-up paint for the chips in the door from the parking lot hit-and-run. My pool is leaking, but I’m currently trying to just ignore that problem while dealing with other things. One thing at a time…

Enough complaining from me! This was supposed to be a positive “let’s get back to business” post. Some good things I have going are the fact that I kept the blog running through all the misery and it served as a good outlet, and my son is in school now so I get a little break a few hours a day. On the other hand, when did school start having so many holidays??

In all honesty, my “New Year” won’t really start until my husband returns, hopefully sometime in February. Until then it’s pretty much just the same old struggle, in a new decade. I just need to focus on the things I can change and make better, and try not to stress too much over the things I can’t control.

So Happy New Year! Let’s make it a good one ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I hope 2020 will bring good things your way. Keeping your husband and family in my prayers. My husband got out of the Marine Corp in 2010. Hang in there, sending lots of love.


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