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Making Memories with Cohas Chalk Art Milestone Boards

Scroll through Facebook on the first day of school or major holiday and you can’t miss the kids holding up their milestone boards. Cohas.com, a small family-owned company that makes chalk art milestone boards and matching wall decals, sent us a few boards and decals to try out. I expect I’ll be using these well-made boards to record milestones for years to come!

Why Choose Cohas for Your Milestone Board?

The Cohas boards are made from sustainable and recycled wood materials, and their inks are certified safe for hospitals and schools. All their products are 100% Made in America from the materials, to the original art designs to the manufacturing. The company started with milestone boards and has expanded into home decor, party supplies and fun ways to make memories. 

Prices range from $15 – $30 for chalk milestone boards like the ones pictured here, depending on size, and there are many different themes to choose from. I picked their ocean theme to go with our coastal decor. They also sent a set of matching wall decals, which are going to look great in my son’s bedroom and bathroom! We are currently renovating his bathroom and have an ocean theme planned, so you’ll be seeing these again in a later post.

Ocean themed wall decals

The boards are thick but lightweight, and lightly lined to help you keep your writing neat. The writing surface is made to be used only with liquid chalk type markers, not regular chalk. It is a “chalk art board” and not a regular chalk board. As long as you use the markers it comes with, or the recommended style markers, you can easily wipe the board clean with water and a sponge.

I do recommend actually reading the marker instructions! Of course the first thing I did was shake it, pop off the top and start pumping it like an old-school outliner. After nothing happened, I stopped to read the directions and discovered it says specifically to NOT pump the marker. Oops! What you should do is shake it, press it down once while upright to release pressure, then turn it over and press down until the ink starts to flow. Once I did this, the markers easily activated.

Check out their full selection of chalk art milestone boards here: Chalk Art Milestone and Memory Boards

You can also find their boards on Amazon! Click here to check out their Amazon Shop.

Happy New Year Milestone Board
Happy New Year!

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