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January 2020 Children’s Book Round-up

Welcome to the new monthly children’s books round-up post! This month we are featuring three books: What’s Making Walter C. Laugh?, Wizard and the Lizard, and The Adventures of Ninja and Luche – The Great Piggy Rescue.


What’s Making Walter C. Laugh? by Ginny Jordan

What’s Making Walter C. Laugh? is a fun and colorful children’s book that will get you and your child engaged in the story as you giggle about unicorns on unicycles and ice-skating ladybugs. There’s lots of whimsical illustrations of animals and objects doing silly things that will give you plenty to talk about, and giggle about, on each page. The pictures are eye-catching and the captions engaging. And it ends with blank pages so you and your child can doodle pictures about what makes you laugh!

What’s Making Walter C. Laugh? is rated 5 Stars on Amazon and available in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Wizard and the Lizard by Katie Reed

Wizard and the Lizard by Katie Reed is the magical tale of Buddy, a cute little lizard who wishes to transform himself in to a big fierce dragon with the help of his best friend Wizard.

Wizard and the Lizard held my son’s attention with humorous rhymes that kept the story flowing and cute illustrations by Jenna Wing-Hu that brought the story to life. Though he thought the little lizard was funny when things didn’t go quite as planned, I think his most favorite thing was the picture of the pizza. We had to go back and look at the pizza several times! Author Katie Reed was inspired to write this children’s book to let every child know that they are perfect just the way they are, even if they aren’t perfect at everything.

The book is currently available on Amazon: Wizard and the Lizard and you can also visit the website for a fun coloring page print out:

The Adventures of Ninja and Luche – The Great Piggy Rescue by Josh Eagan

The Adventures of Ninja and Luche: The Great Piggy Rescue is the first release in a new series created by Josh Eagan and his daughter Anika. The book follows the adventures of two characters based on superhero alter-ego characters created by sisters Anika and Evelyn. The two main characters in the book are Monica and Stevie, two regular kids with a superhero secret!

When someone is in need of help, they become Ninja and Luche! According to Eagan, “My two daughters used to dress up as the two characters in the book and run around and sneak and play pranks on us. Their true personalities, however, are always wanting to help people.”

We enjoyed reading the story and the fun antics of Ninja and Luche. My son took one look at the red ninja outfit on the cover and immediately wanted to dress up like a ninja! If you’d like to find out more and follow their adventures too, check out


Thank you for checking out this month’s featured books! If you are interested in having your children’s book featured, please contact me for details.

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