Book Publishing Progress and GoFundMe Update

The short progress update is that we are still moving forward with the book publishing, but we don’t plan to push the GoFundMe campaign during the coronavirus crisis. We plan to work with what we have and change our publishing plan as needed to fit the new situation. Read on for the full story and details on changes.

I'm going to my first comic con

Pushing Forward with Publishing and a Few Changes

When we started this GoFundMe campaign to get our children’s book published, we could not have anticipated a worldwide virus outbreak, followed by a flood of crowd funding requests by people very much in need. So while our fundraising campaign is still open, our active efforts to raise funds are on pause until the world recovers a bit.

However, that does not mean our book progress will be delayed. We made some tweaks to our original plan and made one big change, but it’s one that makes the book printing affordable with the money we’ve raised so far: self-publishing. While I was looking forward to the ease of using a hybrid publisher like Mascot Books, I am determined to get this book made. So now I’ve got quite a project on my hands! I’ve been referencing many of the children’s books I’ve reviewed on the blog, and using them as guidance while trying to put this book together.

children's books

The GoFundMe Continues with Pre-Sales

I’m updating the GoFundMe with this new info and one more little twist- we will most likely also need to do a paperback rather than the hardcover we envisioned. It’s not a definite change yet, as I’m still investigating different options. I’ll also be removing the “Con Sponsor” option and the “Be In the Book” option because we will be working with the final illustrations soon.

We will be optimistically leaving the campaign open for another month while we adjust to the new plan. The good news is that we may actually be able to get the book printed sooner than the original October date!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We are very excited to be moving forward and seeing the project really come together. Life has thrown a big curveball, but we are adjusting to this “new normal” and still pushing ahead. Hope you are all staying safe and healthy out there, and we are looking forward to having our booth at WasabiCon, which is still scheduled for October 3-4, 2020 at the time of this post.

*Update April 27, 2020 – GoFundMe is now closed and book pre-sales have been moved: Clicked here for info on buying our book!

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