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Hello Fresh, Big Canoe, Wildflowers and Weeds

My round-up for this past week includes a review of Hello Fresh, a little escape to Big Canoe, GA, and wildflowers in the garden that may also just be pretty weeds. I used to start this post with some kind of moniker like “Week in Review” or “Keane Interest,” but I felt like that was taking up valuable title space in an already long title. So now I’m trying just getting right to the point with the details!

Obsessed with Hello Fresh

Last week I wrote a review of Hello Fresh, which I’ve been trying out now for a couple weeks. I’ve made five meals so far and loved everything! Pictured below is last night’s dinner: Middle Eastern Steak Bowls over rice with roasted tomatoes, onions and zucchini. The yogurt sauce was so good I added some cucumber slices to dip in it. So if you’ve been thinking about trying it, click the link above to check out my review!

middle eastern steak bowls hello fresh

A Little Escape to Big Canoe

We took a much needed vacation to Big Canoe, GA for a few days last week. We went boating, hiking, swimming, fishing and just spent some quality time with family and friends. It was really great to get away after being home for so long!

I was a little nervous to be getting out and traveling during this time, but I am really glad we did it. The place we went wasn’t crowded at all and it was so peaceful and calm. And everything was just beautiful from the mountain views to the little babbling brooks running through the hiking trails. I highly recommend a getaway where you can really get away from things right now.

Wildflowers and Weeds

I got a pack of wildflower seeds from the Dollar Tree and learned I basically bought a pack of weeds, lol. Some of them never flowered but I did actually get a few pretty ones like the Tickweed pictured below. Ugly name for a pretty flower! It was named that because the seeds for it look like ticks.

I also grew pigweed and nightshade, but neither of those had really pretty flowers. They were small and white and of course there’s the whole poisonous aspect of “deadly nightshade” so I pulled those ones up. I am pretty happy with the tickweed though!

golden tickweed wildflowers

That’s it for this week. I’m happy to get back to posting my little weekly round-up posts. I missed doing them, but we weren’t really doing much to post about! Things are creeping back to normal-ish and I’m looking forward to keeping the blog updated more often.

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