Adding More to the SewGeekMama Youtube Channel

I recently started going through videos from my old Three Muses YouTube channel and adding some of the relevant ones to the SewGeekMama channel. It’s mostly random cosplay and convention clips so far. Once I get through all the old stuff I’ll work on creating new content.

SewGeekMama Youtube Channel

Sewing and Cosplay Tutorials

I have been neglecting my YouTube for a while but recently logged on to upload an old cosplay video. While doing that I ran across 50+ comments I didn’t know were on there! Some were from up to a year ago. I had no idea people were paying attention!

The sewing tutorials were the most popular videos with some getting over 30,000 views. I didn’t even know people were watching. Then I felt kind of bad because they were also posting questions and I hadn’t answered back. So now I vow to check my YouTube and actually answer people back in a more timely manner.

My most viewed video is Finishing a Seam without a Serger and the most commented video by far is Sewing Up a Hole in a Torn Stuffed Animal. A lot of the comments are from dads and younger kids who don’t know how to sew. I just did it as a fun little video with my son when his stuffed pup got a hole and didn’t know it was going to be so helpful! It made me pretty happy to read all the comments.

Cosplay and Convention Videos

The latest videos I’m scrounging up are from the YouTube channel I had for my costume shop- Three Muses Clothing. I closed the channel when I closed my store and removed all the videos. It’s fun to look through them now!

So I’m uploading some of the costume stuff from photoshoots and conventions. So I’ll leave with the latest upload- a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot when I dressed as Wonder Woman, Dazzler (in 13″ boots!) and a Star Trek outfit.

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