Somebody is Using My Photos on Tinder for a Fake Profile

A few days ago I was alerted that someone is using my photos on Tinder and going by the name Emily. I’ve been married for 18 years so I’ve never even been on Tinder and the only thing I know about the app is that it involves a lot of swiping and then maybe a hook-up.

Meet Emily, my Tinder impersonator:

fake tinder profile

Emily is 37, located in Jacksonville and is apparently “not statistically significant.” Emily sounds like she’s not a lot of fun. She also maybe not even be a she, lol. The main photo is my profile pic from my SewGeekMama Facebook page. Looks like the other photos are all from Facebook as well.

Making a Report to Tinder

I got on Tinder and found where you can file a claim that someone is impersonating you or using your photos. Click here if this is happening to you and you need to report it. They want you to attach screenshots and give as much info as possible, so I did. Currently the only result is an e-mail letting me know they got my complaint.

Apparently this has been going on since at least April, which is when one friend first saw it, took the screenshots and then forgot to mention it to me. Odd thing is that one the same day he contacted me, another friend messaged me about it as well! So “Emily” is really getting around and has been getting away with this for some time.

stolen photos on tinder

Help Report the Fake Profile

If you are in Jacksonville and run across “Emily,” or anyone else on Tinder that looks like me, I can assure you, it’s NOT me. I read that most Tinder profiles are connected with a Facebook account, so now I’m thinking there must a fake Facebook profile too. I scrolled through hundreds of Emilys in Jacksonville but didn’t see any with my face.

If you do see my face on there, please take screenshots of all the details and send them to me! And by all means, swipe in whatever direction means you want to engage further with the imposter. I’m curious what Emily’s game is. Is it a catfish scam? Is it a actually a real girl who looks somewhat like me? Is it some weird lonely dude messing with people?

I’ll update the post if I ever do get any answers!

(As of 9/13 Emily has not been spotted again, but I till never heard back from Tinder customer service. Hopefully she is gone!)

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