Buntastic Fun with Bake ‘n Switch on Nintendo

Bake ‘n Switch is serving up buns and puns in a world that needs to be saved from an invasion of the Mouldies! Join the apprentice bakers on Nintendo Switch or Steam in a battle of the buns as you work together, or player against player, to build and bake the biggest best buns in a quest to beat The Mould and become a Master Baker.

*We were provided a free copy of the game for review

bake n switch nintendo

It’s Dough Time!

Bake ‘n Switch can be played with 2 – 4 players as a couch co-op or PVP party brawler. There is no single player mode option, but you can play with online friends! First you’ll chose one of six bakers: Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Ginger, Sage or Salt. Each baker has their own special strengths and weaknesses. I went for Sage right away, while my son’s favorite character to play is Salt.

We started the game in the lush tropical islands of Tropic Toaster and started working our way through the levels (there’s 100 in all!) in an effort to get over to the desert lands of Serradura. You can advance after earning a certain level of points, and the points also earn you stars to unlock new character costumes.

Bake n switch game characters

Save the World from Hangry Guardians

In the Land of Fla, the Guardians have arisen and you must appease them by baking your little heart out and sacrificing the cute doughy creatures scurrying about. You can combine the buns into bigger buns for more points! But beware, big buns are pretty hard to carry and make you go really slow.

The Bake ‘n Switch game play is pretty easy to learn- one button picks up and throws the dough, the other does a fast dash move. You’ll need to master the fast dash to get to all the buns in time, and get across certain obstacles. Once you advance a few levels you’ll start running into the Mouldies that are trying to ruin all your sweet buns and turn them sour. You have to punch those Mouldy meanies out of existence and work together to build the biggest bestest buns to bake for the Guardians.

Everybody Bake ‘n Switch

The game is Rated E for Everyone, so my five-year-old son and I played as a team with Salt and Sage. We both picked it up quickly, but honestly he caught on a little faster than I did, as I kept dropping buns or accidentally throwing them in a pit while he yelled, “Aw MOM, what are you DOING??”

He quickly became hooked on the idea of advancing in levels and really took to the quest of building up the buns. We defeated the first three pretty easily but got stuck for a while on the fourth, as a few new twists were thrown in and it was hard to keep up. This led to a few squealing five-year-old tantrums of frustration, but he managed to pull it together and keep baking.

buns falling from the sky

Bake ‘n Switch is a good addition to a family-friendly game collection, and a great choice if you are looking for something you can all play together. It’s currently available to play on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Check out their website for more info and download links: Bake ‘n Switch Official Website

Sage Cosplay from Bake ‘n Switch

I thought the little witch Sage was really cute and would make a great Halloween costume, so I made myself a Sage cosplay.

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