COVID Can’t Stop Halloween Tricks and Treats

Halloween plans were up in the air this year due to COVID overshadowing everything. Events were still being cancelled and the CDC was advising against parties and trick-or-treating. But we decided not to let that ruin the fun and suited up to wander about the neighborhood.

covid halloween trick-or-treating

I went all-out dressing up since I didn’t get to attend any parties or events! I was inspired by Maleficent and put together an outfit with pieces I already had. I did make one new thing- a magic staff out of a tree branch I found in the park. I removed the bark, stained it, then connected a big Christmas ornament to the top. The top piece unscrews so I can stick glow sticks inside! My son decided to keep things a little more simple with a Miles Morales Spider-Man suit.

Trick-or-Treating COVID Style

While there was definitely a smaller amount of people handing out candy, there was a lot of creativity in candy delivery methods for those that participated. It actually made things a lot more fun for the kids because each house was like a carnival game. I think this pandemic may have introduced some new things to Halloween that may stick around!

There were a of “candy chutes” where people hung out on their balconies and delivered the candy directly into baskets by way of a PVC pipe or tube. There were also baskets that were lowered from balconies, and even people with fishing poles casting out baggies of candy.

A Socially Distant Halloween

The streets were busy with small groups running house to house, but everyone did a good job of not cramming together. We did run into one overly-packed street party and cautiously steered clear. Many people chose to avoid contact altogether and just set out a table with individually bagged candy.

Overall it was a lot of fun, everyone had a blast and the kids came home with overflowing buckets of candy. So while we were cautious about going out, we didn’t let COVID stop us from enjoying my favorite holiday!

maleficent halloween costume candy keane

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