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We Are All Geek Mamas

I’ve wrestled a lot with the name Geek Mamas and thought about changing it hundreds of times. Why? Because I remember a time when I wanted so badly to be a Mama and couldn’t. And I remember a time when I was a Mama for less than two months before I suddenly wasn’t. And during that time of my life, if I saw something called “Geek Mamas,” I’d feel like it was a club where I just didn’t meet the membership requirements. I don’t want anyone to feel excluded that way. I felt those feelings for too long to forget what it was like.

I also know that some people have no desire to have children, and have zero interest in parenting advice and the usual “Mommy Blog” type stuff. Good thing this isn’t your typical Mommy Blog, and I rarely find myself in a position to give child rearing advice. I realize a name like Geek Mamas may give the impression that all this blog is all about Mom Life, and sometimes it is, but who hasn’t been a Mama to someone or something at some point?

geek mama to fur babies
My fur babies, before I had a baby

During a brief stint as a hermit crab owner, I realized people will get into it and Mama anything. Mamas care for things, whether it’s a human, animal or even a garden. Mamas help others when they need help. Mamas try and make their babies happy and healthy. Seriously, you should see some of those hermit crab mansions!

Geek Mamas is not just about being geeky and having kids. It’s about being geeky and me complaining about my kid. Just kidding. Sort of. The early blog years were fueled by my frustrations with motherhood, but both the blog and my son have done some growing up.

So unless I come up with some new perfect name and decide to take on rebranding everything, Geek Mamas is here to stay. And Mamas of all types are welcome, regardless or gender or procreation preferences.

*And if you are wondering why it’s “geek” and not “geeky,” it’s because there is a store in CA called Geeky Mamas and was already taken

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