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Geek of the Week: Rachel Barry from Pretty in Baby Food

This week’s Geek of the Week is Rachel Barry, a mom blogger at Pretty in Baby Food, entertainment writer and project coordinator extraordinaire who geeks out on sci-fi and fantasy shows and the occasional Disney red carpet premiere.

Rachel Barry geek of the week interview

Please introduce yourself:

My name is Rachel and I love long walks on the beach, coffee, movies, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. (My favorite is Baskin Robbins. Haha!) I am married and have two kids and three dogs. I am also an Entertainment Writer for my own website as well as a Project Coordinator for an Architectural Design Firm. (So many hats!)

What do you geek out on? : 

Everything. Haha! As an Entertainment Writer, I try to watch movies/tv-shows from different genres, but my favorite is Sci-Fi.

Now that we know what makes you a Geek, what makes you a Mama?

My two kids and my three dogs make me a mom. Haha! They are crazy and I love them. Right now my kids are young and just starting to find their own fandoms and I am so excited to see which ones they gravitate towards. I cannot wait to geek out with them and support them in all of the geekiness they chose.

Marvel or DC? and Why?

Hitting me with the hard questions right off the bat, huh?! Haha! While I love both and have watched everything from both universes I think DC takes a slight lead. DC just holds a special place in my heart. Mainly, because I grew up watching the 1989 Batman movie, and I love Wonder Woman. My parents actually had an old VHS container in the basement with all of these R-rated movies and it contained Batman, Star Wars, Terminator, Alien, Star Trek, etc. I remember watching the movies when my parents weren’t home. Haha!

Bumblebee Transformers movie prop

Star Wars or Star Trek? and Why?

This is another tricky one, but I have been a fan of Star Trek longer than I have been a fan of Star Wars. Haha! Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine are my jam, and I just love it so much.

Favorite video game now, or as a kid, or both if you are a long-time gamer:

I am not a gamer. Haha! I do play video games, but ever since having kids I have not had a lot of time to play. But if I were to pick a favorite video game growing up it would have to be GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64. A favorite video game now would be God of War. (Even named my dog after Kratos.)

Were you a geeky kid or did you come into it later in life?

I would say both, but more so now that I am an adult. I feel I was geeky growing up, but then my geekiness was stunted by my teenage years. Now that I am an adult I am embracing my geekiness more. Which I feel is good because I get to share my geekiness with my kids.

Have you ever cosplayed as a favorite character? 

Nope! Haha!

What is your favorite convention to attend?

Never attended one, but I would love to in the future. Hopefully, my kids will want to go with me. Haha!

Are you working on anything right now you’d like to share or promote?

I am always watching and reviewing new movies and shows for my Entertainment Site. I love that I can share my love of movies and shows with the world, and geek out with others who share the same love of cinema.

Big thanks to Rachel for answering all the geeky questions! Besides her blog, Pretty in Baby Food, you can also find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @prettyinbabyfood.

And if you would like to be the next Geek of the Week, be sure to fill out the form and we’ll get in touch with more details!

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