DC Women of Action Book Puts the Focus on Powerful Females

DC Women of Action Book Review by Guest Geek, Emily Parker

I was given the opportunity to review DC: Women Of Action from Chronicle Books and I absolutely loved it! The book, written by Shea Fontana, consists of several short articles featuring various female superheroes and villains, such as Poison Ivy and Oracle. She discusses their character evolution, the effect they had on the DC world and also, the effect they had on our world. Cool DC humans like Lois Lane are also given their chance to shine in Fontana’s book. As if that wasn’t enough of an undertaking, there’s even a section on real-life women who have played an important role in the DC world.

The book starts with Wonder Woman because, of course, it all started with Wonder Woman. In Fontana’s words….

“Wonder Woman did everything that her male counterparts did but she did it with heels, and for much of her publishing history, she did it with heels.”

Each article includes amazing artwork created specifically for the book by an extremely talented group of female and non-binary artists. Their takes on these women really bring the characters to life on all the pages.

Dc women of action Wonder Woman

As a busy woman, I relate to these women. Sure, I’m not fighting bad guys on the side but I do have to fight my kids for a little time to myself.🤣 So the layout of the book is perfect. The stand-alone character profiles were ideal for quick reads. I could read about one character, go make dinner and then come back for more!

DC: Women Of Action is available in hardback form for $29.95. At 160 pages (with 50 full color illustrations), it is sure to provide hours of entertainment. So, if you love the women of DC like I do, I suggest you check it out!

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