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5 Coolest Water Superheroes

Geek Mamas is based in Florida, so water is a big part of our life. If we aren’t in the pool, we’re in the ocean, or at least near a body of water. Our latest Guest Geek post rounds up five of the coolest water related superheroes, with one surprising twist. Read on to find out who they think is the most awesome aqua hero.

water super hero

5 Coolest Water Superheroes

If you have ever had a conversation with anyone about the coolest superheroes, you must have without a doubt come to the hard conclusion that defining such things can be quite the uphill battle. This is because defining ‘cool superheroes’ is quite difficult. Most people have personal preferences and ideas of what makes a superhero cool.

If you don’t want the conversation to boil down to academic pedantries, or a full blown, headache-inducing debate on the literary values of certain characters, then you can’t really convince anyone about anything in this regard. We choose who we like, who we find cool based on very subjective reasoning. Things that don’t necessarily have any logic behind them. 

Ask most children why they like a superhero and a lot of them will tell you easy, not at all complex things like, “because he/she wears my favorite color.” With adults, it can be a bit more complex. Even there though, we find that most of the time superheroes are like sports teams. You pick one as a child, and stick to it for the rest of your life. It is more often than not, the case that after picking our favorites as children, we use cognitive bias to explain why we chose what we chose. 

I liked Batman as a child. Now that I am an adult, I like Batman, because I find immense beauty in the idea of an individual who wasn’t blessed with superpower and yet can go toe to toe with those who have, through sheer determination.  At the end of the day, this might be a very mundane thing that any geek out there is familiar with. So, why bring it up?

We want to remind everyone of this phenomenon because we are going to do something that might come off as irritating, just by virtue of being different from an opinion that you’ve held on your own. We would like to bring forth our picks for the 5 coolest water superheroes. These are mostly based on things that we find interesting and awesome about the characters mentioned. With that aside, allow us to show you our picks for the coolest water superheroes. Make sure you read all the way to the end, as we can bet that our number one pick will catch you off guard!

5. Namor

We believe Namor to be one of the coolest water superheroes because of many reasons. Firstly, Namor is one of the oldest characters in the history of Marvel. On top of that he is one of the coolest water superheroes just based on the numerous super powers that he possesses. He can fly, has superhuman strength, superhuman reflexes, and so on. Namor is also a fascinating character, as he is volatile and violent; completely unpredictable and has been both a hero and a villain to surface dwellers. His main concern being the interest of Atlantis. 

Namor Comics

4. Tempest or Aqualad

Switching to a DC superhero, in our pursuit of the coolest water superheroes we want to talk about Tempest, or as he was formerly known, Aqualad. Going from Aquaman’s sidekick to one the coolest water superheroes is definitely no easy task. Garth is probably one of the only superheroes who can pull such a feat.

Although as a character he doesn’t stand out so much, the coolest thing about Tempest are his superpowers. From the usual powers like super strength, super speed, and such, to the very creative and cool magical powers, like the ability to control water temperature, Tempest is truly marvelous.

tempest comics
Tempest Comics

3.  Aquaman

Okay, this is a bit of a cheat and yet, it is somewhat inevitable that we talk about Aquaman when discussing the coolest water superheroes. Unlike all our other entries in this list, Aquaman has the advantage of being a very popular character. It is true that some of this fame is more infamy than adoration, but the fact stands. This popularity has made Aquaman one of the coolest water superheroes just by virtue of him having a lot of stories written for him. He’s gone through a lot and we have seen him grow and become a better leader.

aquaman comics
Aquaman Comics

2. Mera 

If there’s one thing about Aquaman that most fans would be hard pressed to criticize would be the portrayal of his relationship with Mera. This is mostly because of how amazing Mera is! What started as a simple, damsel in distress kind of character who was there to be ‘the wife/love interest of the main protagonist’ has flourished into one of the most complex characters DC has on its whole arsenal. 

After the death of their child, Mera has been used as a fantastic device for discussing mental health. Although with flaws, these story arcs have shown so much growth and potential in Mera, making her definitely one of the coolest water superheros.

Mera comics

1. Swim Lesson Instructors 

Hear us out! What is it that superheroes do? What is the thing that is most synonymous with them? Saving lives! Other than medical staff and first responders, no one can say they save more lives than swim instructors. 

The World Health Organization reports that there are 236,000 drowning-related deaths every year. On top of that, WHO clearly states that the best and most efficient way of avoiding these deaths are swim lessons. Not only that, but the lives that swim instructors save are not fictitious ones. In a debate or list about the coolest water superheroes, swim instructors will always reign supreme!

We hope that our bet came through. The inclusion of swim instructors as the ultimate coolest water superheroes may come off as shocking, but the more you think about it the more it makes sense. With all this talk about water, we want to leave you with the message that going for swim lessons can be a life-saving decision. We would encourage you to book your lessons as soon as possible. 

swim instructor
Swim Lessons

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