How Does Your Nightwear Affect Your Sleep?

Our quality of sleep has a huge impact on our overall health. With one of the top blog posts on Geek Mamas being about a cure for insomnia, it’s obvious a lot of people are having trouble getting to sleep. Our Guest Geek post this week delves into an idea you may not have investigated yet- the link between sleepwear and a good night’s sleep.

pajamas for a good night's sleep

How Does Your Nightwear Affect Your Sleep?

Having a good pair of pajamas can influence your sleep at night. They are not just a marketing idea as some people might believe, there is a reason why we wear them. 

They keep our bodies at the right temperature, and allow us to sleep peacefully and comfortably, but how do they do this, and what can we learn about sleep from pajamas? 

If you’ve ever fallen asleep in your day clothes, you probably woke up feeling groggy and gross, and there is a reason for this. You probably weren’t wearing proper nightwear. 

So, from comfy loose nighties to washable silk pjs, what does your nightwear do for you?

The Benefits Of Good Sleepwear

Our nighttime attire might seem so simple, and it is, it keeps our bodies at the right temperature, cozy and warm, covering us while we drift off into the land of dreams, however, these night clothes actually aid in the improvement of sleep quality. 

Having a great pair of pajamas can also help you to maintain health and avoid diseases and illnesses that can manifest from not sleeping well

So, with this in mind, let’s delve into the how’s and why’s. 

comfortable sleepwear

Keeping You At The Right Temperature

Firstly, pajamas keep you warm, as we tend to naturally lose body heat as we sleep, which is just as true for someone who sleeps in their birthday suit, as they may feel comfortable and confident to do so. 

However, it can lead to restlessness and an increase in the possibility of getting sick from the common cold or a respiratory issue. 

We should wear night clothes to keep us warm enough as well as to sleep so as not to expose us to the cold air. 

It can also help us to avoid colds, as it helps to regulate our temperatures as we sleep, thus preventing problems that may occur as a result of having an irregular temperature. So, wearing warm clothes can actually help our blood circulate our systems better.

Good For Hygiene

It is also hygienic. Nightclothes protect us from sweat, dead skin, and other gunk and gunge that comes out of/ off of our bodies through the course of the night. 

In fact, it is actually more hygienic to rest with clothes on than nude, as it lessens how many contacts our bodies have with germs as we rest. 

While humans may have slept nude for centuries before the discovery of clothes, it is still more hygienic, there could have been countless sicknesses that arose from this problem alone before pajamas became a thing! 

The Fabric Is Comfortable

The ideal pair of ‘jammies’ will make you feel snug and warm and comfy, of course, it should be comfortable enough for you to be able to sleep without any trouble. 

Your outfit should let your body breathe allowing peak comfort. 

One of the best fabrics for this is bamboo, as it is a cool but very soft fabric, and allows you to wake up feeling refreshed. 

Comfort is key for sleep. 


We have to also admit that pajamas can also be expressive, regardless of what type to wear. Once upon a time, there were few options for pajamas, but now there are endless options for what you can wear as you snuggle up into bed. 

You can have many colors, designs, and styles, and it can be a great way to express yourself and be comfortable at the same time. Going on a friend’s vacation? Get matching pajamas. 

You can get so many types that it can be really fun to choose which to have, and since we spend so much time asleep, we spend a lot of time wearing them, so it is worthwhile having ones that are expressive for you. 

fun pajamas

What’s So Bad About Normal Clothes?

A lot of our normal clothes are made with polyester, cotton, and blended fabrics, and they can absorb moisture very quickly in comparison to the materials pajamas are often made with, and this can cause skin irritation. 

Having pajamas is important as they are made to keep us warm when we sleep in low to moderate temperatures, letting heat out as we sleep, keeping us both warm and cool. 

Pajamas also prevent sagging too, and the soft fabric helps us sleep better, often falling asleep and staying asleep faster and longer. 

Let’s not forget that they do not absorb or retain moisture, so they are unlikely to irritate your skin. And their materials allow us to move around in our sleep too. 

To break it down, proper nightwear is just better. 

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