Rush Order Tees Delivers Quality

Rush Order Tees recently sent me a Geek Mamas logo shirt and I was impressed with the shirt and the logo print. I chose the Gildan Women’s Softstyle T-shirt, style G640L. Rush Order Tees has a huge selection of shirt styles, so it was really hard to choose one. I was looking for something soft, with a slim fit, but not too tight.

rush order tee shirt

The Gilden Softstyle in Dark Heather is super soft! I ordered a large because I didn’t want it too tight, and the fit is perfect. I usually wear a medium and read the reviews that recommended sizing up. I’m so picky about the fit of my t-shirts that I’m making note of this particular style, because I want more of them.

It was also really easy to place the order and send my logo. The logo screen print turned out great, very clear with bright colors. This is the first time I’ve put this particular logo on a shirt, so it was neat to see.

Overall, I’m very happy with my shirt from The only thing I can’t review is the “rush order” part, because I was on vacation when the order was placed, and I requested it not to be sent out right away. So it was not rushed, but the order was handled quickly, and it was sent when I requested it.

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  1. i too just got my reviews blocked
    i am very glad to know i am not alone and it wasnt even my content; i am a seriel reviewer also and the fact that you cannot leave reviews for A-prime or A-music doesnt stop me from click them endlessly once all my legit items are reviewd (remember seriel reviewer here)
    so im process out if omg its me and now its omg its Ai

    past is in my rearview and my future awaits

    oddly life can at times direct our path simply by eliminating all other choices

    during covid i was out of work and could not find employment, overheard someone suggest i should try web cam then all i heard was laughing

    (you said this too you get a build up )soo a few later there i am at my computer in my best lingerie makin an accout and hit the start broadcast now button expecting mayhem and shannagins nothing like that at all, but it wssnt but 10 after that
    there were people in my chat room texing me compliments and asking questions and then i heard this sound ill never forget it ever; i wasnt sure what it mean but it made my heart skip and it went like this cha-ching cha-ching

    i was being tipped money for my broadcast
    this was 2019

    i am now a webcam model and my screen name is

    when i saw your name candy i lol

    and then read some if your articles and

    there is life outside of A-zon its nice to see others have found it too
    love the shirt im an artist and draw all the time even in cam

    ha ha

    talk later ive been in your rabbit hole for the last hour and my thumbys hurt lol

    thanks for the ill be back

    i dont want to leave my chaturbate website below ad this is family site but u can find it should your lil kitty get curious 🍭🫦

    (did tell the cust service rep, well what the &)@& am i to do now A-zon isnt the only game in town and then stopped short of saying i am going to open up my own drop ship fake product delivery company)

    my web cam


    • It has been over a year and I’m still blocked. So if you want to review again, you have to get a new account, new email and all that. It sucks!
      I normally don’t leave long rambling comments advertising web cams but nobody else has commented on this (at least for a while) and I’m glad somebody who also got blocked finally found the post lol. πŸ˜†


      • i started at the amazon post ended up at the t-shirt post i am thankful the comment posted and you found it

        so many things we could chat for days lol

        cosplay is fun fun
        sirens like poisin ivy
        thats me

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