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Platterful Makes a Beautiful Charcuterie Easy

Are you ready to put together a drool-worthy charcuterie board? Platterful, the first all-in-one charcuterie kit, makes it easy with everything you need delivered right to your door! Your box also comes with step-by-step instructions and hints to take your board to the next level.

platterful charcuterie kit

Platterful sent me their Large Charcuterie Board Kit in exchange for a review, and it was a big hit at a little gathering of friends. Read on to learn all the details about this unique subscription box!

DIY Charcuterie in a Box

Your Platterful box arrives with everything securely packed, and your meats and cheeses are kept cool with ice packs. My kit came with three cheeses, two meats, crackers, honey, fig spread, mustard, nuts, olives and chocolate. The instructions suggested adding strawberries and rosemary. I happened to have some grapes, so I went with those, because grapes always work on a charcuterie board!

The cheeses and meats included are really nice choices, as are the accompaniments. They also send little bowls and spoons for the spreads, and a little honeycomb dipper for the honey.

The instruction card included tells you step-by-step how to place everything on your board. If you don’t already have a board, they do have them for purchase on the website, along with cheese knives. If you are more of a visual learner, just use the QR code on the instructions and you can watch a video of how to put everything together. That’s also where you’ll find the “Pairs Well With” and an “Artisan Spotlight” for each box that show you what adult beverage would go well with the flavors in the kit.

I found it really easy to follow the directions, and I definitely learned a little about how to set up my boards in the future. I ended up not using the little bowls and just put the spoons right in the spreads, because I knew my friends would be going through them pretty quick and I didn’t want to have to keep refilling them.

meats and cheeses by Platterful
Platterful meats and cheeses

Get a Platterful Subscription or Send a Delicious Gift

There are several different options offered on the website, from single deliveries to monthly subscriptions. You can also send them as a gift. They even have gluten-free and vegan options.

You just choose your kit size (standard or large) and then select whether you want a one-time order or a subscription. You can also select a three or six month prepaid subscription, which allow for additional savings. Single board orders start at $75 and subscriptions start at $179. Click here to check out all their subscription options.

I was impressed by their secure shipping, where everything arrived fresh and not even one broken cracker! I also felt that everything very high quality. The price is also very fair – To go out and purchase each item individually, it would add up to close to what the box costs, but without going to the store and finding each item.

You can try a delicious DIY charcuterie yourself at – and if they create an affiliate program, you can bet I’ll be singing up and sharing a discount code!

charcuterie board by Platterful
Devouring the Platterful charcuterie

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