Orthopedic Tips: Foot Health Facts to Keep Your Feet Happy

You may not be thinking about your feet as much as you should. Most people ignore their feet until issues arise, and often by then the problem is pretty bad. You can avoid foot pain with a little care, and our Guest Geek post today is all about the best tips and facts for keeping your feet healthy and happy.


Tips for Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Foot health is something many of us take for granted until it is too late. Whether it be ingrown nails, arch problems, or a simple blister, many small problems can turn into crippling ones.

From wearing the right shoes, like Crocs NZ, to regular foot inspections and wearing dry socks, here are some foot facts and tips to keep your feet healthy throughout your life. 

Buy the Right Shoes

The first thing you should do is always to ensure you are buying the right-sized shoes. Buying shoes that are too tight can lead to blisters, corns, arch damage, and toe damage. The bones in your feet are delicate; they need to be looked after. 

If you buy shoes that are too loose, you will experience excessive rubbing, which can cause blisters and the like.  

Avoid Flip-Flops and Flats

While flip-flops and flats may be great for Summer and the warmer weather, they aren’t great for your feet. Excessive flip-flops and flats use have been shown to cause long-term damage to the arch of the foot, as there is no support. 

While you can still wear them if you want, avoid wearing them for long periods of time, and don’t wear them if you are having arch pain or discomfort already. 

Avoid High Heels When Possible

Heels are another type of shoe to avoid wearing for extended periods as they put your foot in an unnatural position. If you have to wear heels throughout the day, be sure to get regular foot massages and allow them to rest while you are at home. 

Having your foot in a heel position puts too much unnatural stress and strain on the bones, joints, and muscles and will cause long-term damage. 

Wear Socks

There is a reason why socks exist, and it isn’t just to stop your shoes from smelling. Socks provide a layer that stops your feet from rubbing, they wick up sweat, and they keep your feet clean and protect them against dust, stones, and sand. 

Socks are the barrier your feet need to stay protected, dry, and free from dirt, bacteria, and anything else that could cause damage. 

feet with socks

Inspect Your Feet

One way to prevent any problem from getting out of hand is to inspect your feet regularly. Looking between your toes, at your toenails, heels, and arches, is a brilliant way to spot any small problem or difference. 

As mentioned already, the feet are actually relatively delicate and weak; therefore, it is imperative to spot problems and find solutions as quickly as possible.  

Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry

Sometimes it can be hard to notice if you have a small cut on your foot or if one of your nails is damaged. This could lead to an infection of something worse if dirt or bacteria were to get into it without you knowing. 

Excess sweat, wearing dirty socks, and not washing your feet regularly could also lead to athlete’s foot. Ensure your feet are cleaned every day and wear a new, fresh pair of socks every day. 

Rest Them

One of the most common tips when working out is to take rest days to let your body recover; the same can be said for your feet. If you are on them all day long, they will be sore and tired by the time you get home. 

Using a foot massage, resting them in warm water with essential oils, or simply putting them up on the couch or a table is a great way to let them recover. This is especially important if your job keeps you on your feet or if you do a lot of running. 

Moisturize Regularly 

Cracked soles and heels can be uncomfortable at first but can quickly escalate into something that makes it difficult to walk, especially if you live in a cold country. During the Wintertime, when it is drier, regular moisturizing ensures your feet stay hydrated and healthy. 

When moisturizing, avoid getting any cream between your toes as this can lead to excess moisture that doesn’t soak in properly, which can cause athlete’s foot or something similar. 

moisturizer in jar

Cut Your Toenails 

Proper toenail care is important to prevent ingrown nails. Ingrown nails can be caused by the nail being impacted over and over again by your shoe or keeping them too long and becoming deformed over time. 

Once or twice a month, or whenever needed, take 10 or 15 minutes to cut and shape your toenails properly. They don’t have to be pedicure-grade, but they should be short and not have any sharp edges, and your cuticles should be soft and moisturized. 

Stay Consistent 

Foot care and health aren’t things you should worry about once or twice or month. Every day, you should make an effort to ensure your nails are cut, your feet are abrasion and cut-free, you’re wearing dry and clean socks, and your shoes fit correctly. 

Multiple foot-related issues are very difficult, if not impossible, to fix later in life. To avoid this hassle, use these simple steps to keep your feet looking and feeling their best. 

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