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How to Get Your Hacked Instagram Account Back – Newest Info

Has your Instagram been hacked? You’re in luck, because Instagram finally listened and recently revealed a new feature dedicated to getting your account back after you’ve been hacked. It will also help you if you’ve forgotten your password, lost two-factor identification access or find your account has been disabled.

Just go to: and it will walk take you to the support page and walk you through the steps needed to get your account back.

With SO many scams on Instagram it’s a wonder they haven’t done this sooner! I’m sharing this new feature because I just ran across it on the Creator Instagram account, and I often write about Instagram scams.

Like the one where they ask you to screenshot a “tap here to reset your password” link (they hack accounts with this one), and the one where they want to use your photos for a mural (this is a check fraud scam), and I even recently wrote about the jewelry ambassador collab scams that pop up constantly on everyone’s posts.

I’m sure these scams aren’t just on Instagram, so be careful on any website or social media you use!

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