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My Week in Review -Photography, Mom Crush, DIY Gel Nails and Something Found

This week I attended a friend’s first photography exhibit, won my friend Effie free donuts, did my own gel nails and finally found what I was looking for.

Week in Review August 13 – 19

Lions, Tigers and Cosplay! – Ok maybe not so much cosplay is on display, but definitely a good sampling of the animal kingdom is currently adorning the walls of the Adele Grage Cultural Center during my friend John Rennie’s photography exhibit. I stopped by on opening night during Art Walk artist’s reception. John may be displaying pretty animals and landscapes, but he’s also shot some of my favorite cosplay photos too!

Mom Crush Monday – When I saw the Jacksonville Mom Blog post about nominating a mom friend for “Mom Crush Monday” I knew exactly who to nominate! Effie was this Monday’s winner! She gets coffee and donuts from the Mini Bar, so you know that means we are going there to have wine and donuts! lol

MomCrushMonday jax mom blog

DIY Gel Nails – I love having gel nails but it’s hard to get to the salon so I decided to give it a try myself. After a glass of wine, very little research and seized with an intense desire to do something about my terrible nails, I bought the Sensational Gel Starter Kit and loved the results! They look and feel just like the salon gels. The only issue I had was getting it too close to my cuticles. Next time I’ll keep it a little higher, but overall I was really happy!

They have that same high-shine finish that reminds me of a bowling ball. And they dry right away so no messing them up when you do then right before bed! The only thing I didn’t like was the LOUD beep from the curing light. It beeps at 30 sec. and I kept worrying it would wake up my sleeping son in the other room. Other than that, I’m loving it and will definitely be getting more colors soon!

Finding lost things – Some may think it’s silly but I do believe in the power of attraction. And when I lose things, I find if I picture finding them again, they will show up. And my necklace did! This was my favorite souvenir from our trip to Ireland and I lost it on our last day there. It was different than most of the touristy Celtic knot type jewelry in every shop, and it reminded me of a mermaid tail. I was sad I lost it, but I just felt it would show up again. So a week later, while catching up on laundry, there it was in the washing machine!

That’s it for this week! Anyone else try the gel nails at home? I’d love to hear about other brands. I really didn’t look into it too much. I was in a hurry and just bought the first decently priced one that popped up and came with the light and everything! And how about the Law of Attraction aka The Secret? Anyone else practice a little of that?

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