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The 3 Best Ways to Encourage Young People to Read More Books

As someone who grew up loving books, it drives me a bit crazy that my son is so reluctant to read. I’m always trying to come up with ways to get him interested in books, so today’s Guest Geek post on three great ways to encourage young people to read more books is right up my alley. Though I may need 10 ways with as much of a challenge as my son can be!

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The 3 Best Ways to Encourage Young People to Read More Books

Technology has made the world a faster place than it has ever been in history. Yet, the importance of reading remains as vital as ever. Developing cognitive skills, fostering empathy, and nurturing creativity and critical thinking are just a few of the benefits that reading can offer young people. 

However, it has become increasingly challenging to encourage them to pick up a book, particularly when they are surrounded by the ever-present allure of smartphones, video games, and social media. Incorporating reading into daily life can inspire a new generation of avid readers to appreciate the lifelong rewards of engaging with the written word. In this article, we will give you some strategies to help encourage the young person in your life to read more books. 

1 – Start with book-based movies

A movie adaptation can serve as an excellent entry point to the world of books for young people. When a film is based on a book, it introduces them to captivating stories and intriguing characters, often prompting curiosity about the source material.

After watching a movie adaptation like the Matilda movie, young people can compare and contrast it with the book to gain a deeper understanding of the story. This process encourages them to critically analyze both versions, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each, and reflecting on how the film may have altered the original text. 

By comparing the two, they can develop an appreciation for the unique aspects of each medium and foster a love for reading as they discover the rich depth that books can offer.

Editor’s Note- I can vouch for this one! Watching the Harry Potter movies got my son into the books. Granted, we only got a page in when he lost interest, but it was a start! lol

2 – Make it a daily routine

One of the most effective ways to encourage young people to read more is to make reading a natural part of their everyday lives. By creating a reading-friendly environment, they are more likely to develop a habit of picking up a book and getting lost in its pages. Designating a cozy reading nook, filled with comfortable seating and good lighting, can make the act of reading even more inviting.

Ensuring easy access to books is another crucial aspect of creating a reading-friendly environment. This can include having physical books readily available on shelves, as well as utilizing digital libraries and e-readers. Encouraging young people to keep a book with them when traveling, waiting for appointments, or simply relaxing at home can help them discover the joy of reading during their downtime.


3 – Try different formats

Encouraging young people to explore different types of books can help them find stories that truly resonate with them, making reading a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Introducing young readers to graphic novels and comic books, for example, can be an excellent way to engage those who may be more visually inclined. These formats combine engaging illustrations with compelling narratives, offering a unique and accessible reading experience.

Non-fiction books and biographies can pique the interest of young readers who have a curiosity for real-life stories and events. These books can inspire and educate, providing valuable insights into the lives of influential people or pivotal moments in history.

Editor’s Note- I would like to add a 4th idea: Take them to the library! With so many fun books to choose from, there will be something to catch their interest.

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  1. You forgot as a parent that kids see what you do. If you read every day for 30 minutes kids will emulate you. As long as they have access to books that interest them the kids will start reading

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