We Got Slimed at the Library

I was recently at our local library and excited to see it was finally bouncing back from Covid and doing classes and activities again! I signed up for the first available kid-friendly drop-in class, which happened to be a slime making class. I have never actually made slime and was really interested in giving it a try.

Slime is pretty much banned at our house after the big “look mom, I put slime in my hair” incident which resulted in an emergency haircut. You can read all about that in this post: We Got Slimed and It Wasn’t Fun

I figured this would be at the library and maybe my son was old enough to know NOT to dump the slime on his head by now. So I bravely went into the class ready to learn the secrets of slime and how to make a batch of our own.

This is the slime recipe we used:

Mix together in this order:

1/2 cup of white glue

Less than 1/2 cup of water

2-3 cups of shaving cream

2-3 drops of food coloring

1-2 tablespoons of saline solution

The results:

Our slime was very runny and gooey. The blue batch in the photos is actually our second try! The first batch was a total failure and too runny. I think there was too much water in it. So for the second try, I used more glue, less water and less shaving cream. That produced a slightly more promising result that was more slimy, but not quite solid enough to be a success.

We took home our slimy goo in hopes it might dry out a bit and solidify, but the next day it was very foamy and worse rather than better. Also, it still stained your fingers blue when you touched it!

So we have yet to make a successful batch of homemade slime, but I’m willing to try again. The library lady said it took her three tries to get it right. She had a bag of nice firm slime to prove the recipe did work.

If you happen to have a slime recipe or slime making experience, feel free to share your tips!

And if you are local, the library we took the class at is the Beaches Library in Neptune Beach, FL. They currently have a drop-in science class on Thursdays from 4-5pm and several other fun activities to check out. Click Here to go to the library calendar to find all the events and classes at all the Jacksonville Public Libraries.

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