Keeping Your Car Safe with Owl Cam

*This post is sponsored by Owl Cam, all opinions are my own*

The holidays are a big season for gifts, giving and unfortunately thieves looking to relieve you of a little holiday cheer by breaking into your car. You might not think a dash cam would be a deterrent, but what about one that records while stopped, immediately alerts your phone when motion is detected and floods your car with light? The Owl Cam can do all that and more.

The Owl Cam is an all-in-one car security camera with two HD cameras that record both outside and inside your car, and allows you to check in on your car from your smartphone no matter where you are. They’ve even added a new crash response feature where their team will contact you to check if you are OK when a crash is detected and call 911 if needed. It’s a great safety feature for those holiday road trips!


It’s been all over the news that our area is being hit by thieves that target places women visit, where it might be inconvenient to take in a purse, so they leave it in the car. Places like the gym, parks, daycare centers, etc. It happened to a friend of mine recently when her family went to a park to take their Christmas photos. They came back to a smashed window and no purse. If they had an Owl Cam, even if the blinking green beacon and floodlights didn’t scare away the thief, they would still have all the video of the break-in recorded and accessible through an easy phone app and saved on the cloud. And even if the camera itself gets stolen, Owl Cam will replace it if you have the video footage of the break-in to send them.

Of course, Owl Cam does more than just deter thieves. It also comes in handy for things like:

Crashes – You have the video on your phone so you don’t have to rely on witnesses. Your side of the story is right there. And with the crash response feature, you can get help if needed.

Parking Lot Dents and Dings – You get a video alert as soon as a ding is detected.

Traffic Stops – The Owl Cam will keep recording so everything is on record.

Crazy Moments – You never know what will happen on the road, good thing you have it all on video! And you can easily share it too. You can also command the camera to record specific moments while you’re driving by saying “OK, Presto.”

Kids and Pets – Need to run inside somewhere for a minute? Easily check and make sure everyone is safe. It even has a microphone so you can tell the kids to sit back down because you’re watching!


Owl Cam’s Main Features:

  • Dual-facing HD cameras

  • 2.5-inch touchscreen
  • Instant video access from anywhere

  • 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS

  • 14-day video loop

  • Voice capture and naming

  • Anti-theft floodlights

  • Companion app on iPhone and Android

  • 100% private- Only you can see, share or delete your video

Setting up the Owl Cam should be relatively easy- It connects to the OBD port under your dashboard, which is standard in cars built after 1996 and found in many older cars as well. If your car doesn’t have an OBD port, you can buy adapters on their website so it can be installed in any car. The camera itself is mounted with a suction beam where the windshield meets the dashboard. It also comes with a tool for hiding its cable underneath your windshield.


The Owl Cam is currently available at OwlCam.com for $349 and includes 1 year of AT&T LTE service. After the first year service is $10/month.

Crash response is an add-on feature, but for a limited time, all existing and new customers will get three months free. After the initial three month period, the service will cost $79/year or just $7.99/month.



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