Attention Authors: Check Your Goodreads Profile NOW

Have you looked at your own Goodreads profile lately? There may be some surprises!

I was busy giggling over author Jenny Lawson’s Goodreads profile debacle (picture shown below), where someone had spammed her page with sex toy ads disguised as books, and realized I hadn’t looked at my OWN profile in a while. So I looked it up and Surprise! There were three new children’s books on there I hadn’t written. So I had some page discrepancies as well, just not in the same hilarious way as Jenny.

Goodreads Author Profiles Being Spammed

Spammers are now targeting author profiles with books and other items disguised as books. So go check your profile right now to see if you have some new additions you didn’t write.

Here’s my profile: Candy Keane on Goodreads

And as you can see, there are some Troy & Laurie books on there that I actually didn’t write. While I’m happy it’s not sex toys or something else really weird, I’m not happy about the imposter books.

The good news is that it turns out, I am not the victim of a spam attack, but rather some sort of misattribution/ confusion/mix-up where some older books that were illustrated by the same illustrator of my book were somehow attributed to me and added to my page. I have no idea how that happened.

But even so, I’m glad I checked my profile so I can get those books removed since I didn’t write them. Another author friend had multiple listings of his book, including the proof, so you never know what you might find on there!

How to Remove Books from Goodreads Author Page

If you check your page and do find surprises, the only way to get them removed is with help from a Goodreads librarian. For that you will need to join the Librarians Group and post a new thread asking for help.

This is the thread where you need to post about needing changes to your Goodreads page:

You will be asked to join the Librarians Group first, and once you do, then you can post your issue on the page. I’m not sure how long it takes to get a response, because I just joined and posted about 10 minutes ago. I do see that Jenny got her page updated so hopefully they respond quickly!

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