Cosplay How-to: Jessica Rabbit Costume, Wig and Makeup

I wanted to dress up like Jessica Rabbit since the first moment I saw her way back when Who Framed Roger Rabbit? first came out. It took me years to finally get it together, and I found the perfect dress (with a small alteration) and red wig, and I’ll share those details with you.

If you just want quick links to the costume and wig, click here for the Jessica Rabbit costume on Amazon.

*Post contains Amazon affiliate links

Candy Keane Jessica Rabbit cosplay

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Costume

Let’s start with the costume! I went with this packaged Toon Starlet costume by Party King, available on Amazon. I got the Medium which fits sizes 8-12. I found it to be a good fit, with nice stretchy material. No zipper needed, as the dress just slides on.

It also comes with the purple elbow length gloves. They hit just above my elbow, and I would have liked them to be a little longer, but they fit well and look great with the costume.

jessica rabbit costume by Party King

The dress looks good as-is, but I didn’t like the way the top was fitting. It is more of a straight across tube style dress and I wanted the heart shape top like the cartoon. So I did a little bit of rouching to the front, which you can see in my photos where the top is gathered just a little in front. It gives it a better shape! I also did a short video showing how I did it.

How to Custom fit your top:

Hair and Makeup

I tried a lot of different red wigs before finding just the right one! Click here to find the wig on Amazon.

The make-up is a lot of heavy purple on the eyes, big lashes, cat eye liner and big red lips. I used a dark purple all over my lid and highlighted with a lighter shimmery purple.

I drew my lips way out of the lines top and bottom to get this look! Don’t be afraid to draw lips on your face if you don’t have them. That’s what I do!

I messed up a bit on the eyebrows trying to get a thin cartoonish look. I don’t recommend using a liquid liner to draw them on unless you cover up the brows under it. This was one of my first big make-up looks so I was (and still am) learning. In fact, that’s why I don’t have an actual filmed make-up tutorial for this one. I wasn’t doing them regularly yet.

jessica rabbit makeup

That’s it! Oh and if you read this far, here’s the secret to filling out the top: Two bras! It’s as comfortable as it sounds, lol. I have on a regular bra and then a padded push-up bra over that. It really helps with the exaggerated hourglass shape Jessica has.

And remember! You’re not bad, you’re just drawn that way… 😉

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