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When It’s Everything, All at Once

It’s one of those times when it feels like everything is happening all at once and I’m just rushing to try and keep up with it. This week we had two air conditioners blow, an electrical fire in my office and part of my tooth fly out while flossing. All while I’m trying to do my usual million things and get ready for a big convention over the weekend.

You try to fix one thing and it leads to another thing that needs to be fixed. Whether it’s myself or my house, both seem to be slowly coming apart while I try to patch things. And everything is ridiculously expensive. If you are a regular reader, now you know why I’ve been double posting sponsored “Guest Geek” posts all week. So get ready for more riveting posts about choosing the best radiator or healthy habits for flossing, because I gotta get two A/C’s fixed and one very expensive tooth.

A Summary of The Things

Writing things out makes me feel better, so this is the story of what happened this week:

We have a generator that runs the house if the power goes out. This is a very important thing when you live in a place that has a hurricane season. We had a power outage recently and I released the generator was not working, so I called the electrician. Couldn’t get an appointment for a week. By the time he made it, the generator wouldn’t start at all.

Took the battery in and they said it just needed to charge overnight. Went back to get the battery and they said it was actually dead. Got new battery and took it home and put it in the generator.


The A/C stops working and I smell smoke. Then I see smoke! I follow it to my office where a surge protector is sparking and catching fire. I quickly unplug it and see it is half melted.

So now the generator and two air conditioners don’t work. Thankfully, nothing else was affected.

We are currently still trying to get the A/C fixed downstairs and the generator.

And the Tooth Thing…

I’m doing Candid aligners so I’ve been extra good about flossing lately. The other night I thought something was stuck in my back tooth and flossed a bit too aggressively I guess because something came flying out of my mouth and it wasn’t stuck food. I found it and it appeared to be part of my tooth! And then it felt like a chunk was gone from my back tooth.

So cue the freaking out because I hate going to the dentist. But off I went the next day, with my tooth chunk in a bag just in case they wanted to see it.

It seems I broke off a piece of an old filling. They said I really needed a crown on it, but that they would just do a filling right now because of the Candid aligners. They couldn’t do a crown because it would change the shape of my tooth and then none of my aligners would fit! Arrrrrgh…..

So now I have to go through a filling, do the aligners, and have it all redone as a crown afterwards.

And it’s going to cost about $1000 because I have a crappy insurance plan apparently. So now I need to look into getting different insurance.

And I just kind of want to curl up in a ball and not do anything, but I need to shake it all off and start packing for the convention.

But hey, at least I managed to get a blog post done. Guess I need to press post and start with a small win, and work my way up from there.

small win cake

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