Giving Advertising a Try with Ezoic

Things may look a bit different soon as I start implementing advertising through the Ezoic platform. If you are a long-time reader, then you know how much I hate ugly ads. If you are new, then you probably are interested in my Ezoic experience. So to my long-time readers, sorry about the ads, I hope … Continue reading Giving Advertising a Try with Ezoic

A Blog Posting Experiment

I've taken two blogging breaks this year while on vacation and tried two different methods to see how my blog traffic was affected. In July I went to Ireland for a couple weeks and put the blog on "vacation." By that, I mean I wrote a blog post called Blogger on Vacation and then then … Continue reading A Blog Posting Experiment

Storytellers, The Secret Behind Brand Success

Word-of-mouth has always been the most valuable tool for generating brand success, but how do you get people talking about your brand? When I worked in promotions marketing 15 years ago, we relied heavily on street teams handing out fliers, samples and coupons. I worked in San Francisco and it seemed like every street corner … Continue reading Storytellers, The Secret Behind Brand Success

Check Your Receipts for Free Stuff

If you just toss your receipts in the trash without looking at them closely, you could be tossing out free stuff and discounts! A trend I’ve taken full advantage of is the receipt survey. Usually printed at the bottom of your receipt is a claim code and offer, and all you need to do is … Continue reading Check Your Receipts for Free Stuff

Toddlers Don’t Understand Advertising

My son is just getting into building things, so when there was an opportunity to apply for a Strictly Briks Tryabox from Tryazon, I signed up immediately. I figured, I've suffered through enough episodes of Ryan's Toy Review, getting kids to review toys looks easy enough. So guess who has a new respect for Ryan … Continue reading Toddlers Don’t Understand Advertising