A Blog Posting Experiment

I've taken two blogging breaks this year while on vacation and tried two different methods to see how my blog traffic was affected. In July I went to Ireland for a couple weeks and put the blog on "vacation." By that, I mean I wrote a blog post called Blogger on Vacation and then then … Continue reading A Blog Posting Experiment

Storytellers, The Secret Behind Brand Success

Word-of-mouth has always been the most valuable tool for generating brand success, but how do you get people talking about your brand? When I worked in promotions marketing 15 years ago, we relied heavily on street teams handing out fliers, samples and coupons. I worked in San Francisco and it seemed like every street corner … Continue reading Storytellers, The Secret Behind Brand Success

Side Hustle Saturday: Check Your Receipts for Free Stuff

If you just toss your receipts in the trash without looking at them closely, you could be tossing out free stuff and discounts! A trend I’ve taken full advantage of is the receipt survey. Usually printed at the bottom of your receipt is a claim code and offer, and all you need to do is … Continue reading Side Hustle Saturday: Check Your Receipts for Free Stuff

Toddlers Don’t Understand Advertising

My son is just getting into building things, so when there was an opportunity to apply for a Strictly Briks Tryabox from Tryazon, I signed up immediately. I figured, I've suffered through enough episodes of Ryan's Toy Review, getting kids to review toys looks easy enough. So guess who has a new respect for Ryan … Continue reading Toddlers Don’t Understand Advertising