When Businesses Do a Little Extra

In an age where customer service often seems to be a lost art, businesses that take the time to do something a little extra always get my attention. This Christmas season, three people/businesses stood out by taking an extra step to send a personal connection: The Short Story Book Club, The Switcheroo Kangaroo and Wild … Continue reading When Businesses Do a Little Extra

The Overzealous Sales Friend

I decided to update my original post, because a few interesting things happened since I wrote this. Instead of backing off, sales moms seemed to take this as a challenge! Like, "That person didn't sell it right, no you really need this, here try mine." My original post follows, along with updates: If all you … Continue reading The Overzealous Sales Friend

10 Steps to Starting a Business with No Money and No Debt

I'm going to veer from my usual geek/parenting posts to talk about how I started my business without spending any money or taking on any debt. This is geared toward retail and craft business, but I think some of the principles could apply to any business. I started Three Muses Inspired Clothing in 2005, after … Continue reading 10 Steps to Starting a Business with No Money and No Debt

Sew Geek Mama on Etsy

I closed my boutique and website but decided to keep my Etsy shop open because I really enjoy making things! I've been able to add a bit more to it now that Keelan is taking regular naps and sleeping well at night. https://www.etsy.com/shop/SewGeekMama I make a lot of Wonder Woman accessories and pieces people can … Continue reading Sew Geek Mama on Etsy

Figuring out Who I am, After Baby

It seems a lot of my life is separated into BB and AB. (Before Baby and After Baby) As much as I was adamant about how having baby would not change who I am, once again, I was Wrong. So wrong. (this is a reoccurring theme, lol) I am sure plenty of people have kids … Continue reading Figuring out Who I am, After Baby