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How Speech Therapy Can Help a Teenager

Being about to speak clearly and understand language is an extremely important skill we start working on as soon as we make sounds. While the ideal time for speech therapy starts at a young age, it’s something that can be addressed at any age. The older we get, […]

I Dig Baby Talk

I originally published this last year around the same time, and it’s amazing how my son’s vocabulary has changed. He’s three now, and there are no more “mogatoos” or “z cups.” But there are “super herioes” and I’m not correcting that one just yet. It’s what he calls The […]

I Dig Baby Talk

My toddler has a pretty big vocabulary. He has a name for everything, and often I think his names are way better. I know you’re supposed to teach them the right words and correct them, but sometimes their words are just more fun! My son calls motorcycles “mogatoos.” […]