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I Dig Baby Talk

il_570xN.343862429.jpgI originally published this last year around the same time, and it’s amazing how my son’s vocabulary has changed.Β He’s three now, and there are no more “mogatoos” or “z cups.” But there are “super herioes” and I’m not correcting that one just yet. It’s what he calls The Incredibles. It rhymes with Cheerios and is just too cute.

My toddler has a pretty big vocabulary. He has a name for everything, and often I think his names are way better. I know you’re supposed to teach them the right words and correct them, but sometimes their words are just more fun!

My son calls motorcycles “mogatoos.” So everytime I see one I want to shout “Mogatoo!” It’s more fun to say, so I find it hard to correct him. But I don’t want him to show up the first day of kindergarten and tell everyone he wants to ride a mogatoo. That’s probably a parenting fail.

Strawberries are straw babies. He also likes blue babies and cran babies.

His sippy cup is a Z cup.
See? More fun.

I will do my job and eventually correct him. But I think I’ll keep mogatoo for a little while longer. 😁

So, what unique words has your toddler come up with?

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  1. My 2 year daughter called a hospital a hopsadoodle for a while and despite my career as an SLP I couldn’t bring myself to correct her! Huge difference between funny words that they come out with and talking to them using baby talk 24/7. The other day she discovered wagon wheel pasta and now calls them dragons, short for dragon wheels πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚. When asked what she wanted to eat “some dragons and sprinkley cheese on top, please”

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  2. A isn’t talking enough yet but I can’t wait for this! When I was a nanny, my little one said bam bans for bandaids, snooze cookies for Stew’s cookies and he called his brother guy guy (his name is Justin). I was so sad when he out grew it. They do eventually without you usually having to actually correct them.

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