What a Stay at Home Mom Really Wants for a Gift

I know we have just left gift-giving season, but there are plenty of other holidays ahead so maybe one husband will read this and if I can help one mom, I'll be happy. I've tried to explain this to my own husband, but it isn't really working. I think guys are more wrapped up in … Continue reading What a Stay at Home Mom Really Wants for a Gift

The Toddler Time Paradox

There's a time warp of sorts that comes with parenthood that I like to refer to as The Toddler Time Paradox. I would almost describe it as a black hole of time, sucking in all efforts and intentions to "get things done," often causing tasks to go unfinished or simple tasks to take hours. While on toddler … Continue reading The Toddler Time Paradox

Diary of SAHM – Day 120

Ok, to be honest, I don’t exactly know what day it is. I started in November so I just averaged the months together. If you are doing this too, you understand I’m short on time! Time is this amazing valuable commodity I can’t seem to get enough of. In fact, that’s the only present I … Continue reading Diary of SAHM – Day 120