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The Colossal Hat Conundrum

We’ve been doing a lot of organizing and unpacking lately. Yesterday I ran across a big hat box and realized there was actually a hat inside. Not just A hat, but THE hat, as my husband calls it. It’s a hat with a story and a well-traveled history.

A few years ago my husband and I were invited to a family wedding in Ireland. My mother-in-law informed me I would be needing a dressy hat for the occasion. She said everyone would be wearing them and that people even rent them for special events! I’ve always been a fan of hats and jumped at the chance to go buy a fancy dress hat.

We arrived at Dillard’s to find that fancy hat selections were not all that plentiful, but I did manage to find a lovely navy and white hat with a big burst of feathers. And since the special hat would be traveling overseas, I also bought a fancy hat box.

Have you ever wandered through an airport with a big hat box? Everyone has to ask you if there is a hat in there. Or a cake. I forgot to mention we decided if we were going that far, we might as well expand the trip, so I carried this hat from FL to NY, then to Paris, London, and finally to the wedding in Cong, Ireland.

big fancy wedding hat
That’s quite a hat!

After dragging that hat from country to country, I was very excited for the wedding day. I did my hair, got dressed and proudly stuck my fancy hat on my head before walking downstairs. I sensed something was amiss when family members giggled and told me, “That’s quite a hat.” Another commented that I must be ready for the horse races. There was no going back on the hat decision (hat hair) so I decided to see it through and told them all if I was going to wear a hat it was going to indeed be “Quite a hat!”

We arrived at the wedding to find all the ladies wearing fascinators. Little cute fascinators! I took my seat in the back so I wouldn’t block anyone’s view with my colossal hat. Me, my mother-in-law and a few grandmas formed an impressive back row big hat posse where I at least finally got some genuine compliments on my magnificent hat choice.

I ditched the hat after the ceremony, but dutifully put it back in its box and travelled with it through Ireland and back to the states. All the way telling people, “YES it’s a hat…and it’s fabulous.”

I do still have the hat and am saving it for just the right occasion. Like maybe opening day at the races. Kentucky Derby anyone?

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  1. I love hats too and yours is wonderful.

    Funny coincidence:
    I was at the airport yesterday and an older man carried a trash bag with also seemed to be shaped in a hat.
    He got many questions about it. Even the flight attended shouted out “ARE YOU CARRYING TRASH?!”.
    That’s when he got upset and took the hat out of the bag. 😀

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