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Artificial Bonsai, the tiny tree for busy lives

Back in college I had two pets- an orange tabby cat named Worm, and a bonsai tree. Sometimes I think that tree required more attention then the cat. Seriously, when I went away for a weekend I put out food and water for the cat but had a friend come over to water the bonsai with very specific I instructions.

It was a pretty little thing in a blue dish. I used to love pruning it with tiny scissors and enjoyed the little white flowers that would periodically bloom.

The cat lived a very long and happy life, but unfortunately my bonsai didn’t survive the college years. So when CommercialSilk contacted me about trying out a fake plant, first thing I did was check to see if they had a bonsai that looked like mine.

So here it is in all its glory:


A cute little bonsai tree that I never have to water or worry about. I never get to prune it either, but I’m ok with that now. I can barely keep everybody’s nails trimmed much less remember to trim a tiny tree these days.

I really liked the realistic details on the trunk and roots. I think it looks like a real plant up on my shelf. I had to get a three pack on SilkPlantsDirect.com to get the exact one I wanted, so if you don’t need three little trees, this would make the perfect gift for your plant-killing friend.

And I had just the spot for it on my kitchen shelf:

bonsai tree

Fake bonsai! The tiny tree for busy lives 😂



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